Monday, September 28, 2009

'Swimming with Seals' - Sea Kayaking Isle of Man

Adventure Club

The Improvers group are progressing well, working on preventing a capsize, low recovery and paddling in moderate sea conditions - ready for their introduction to moving water at the Sound next Sunday...

Intermediates training launched straight off the Sound - on the South coast of the Isle of Man, to make use of the ideal training conditions on Sunday ...

... finishing the sea kayaking skills with the whole group swimming their kayaks across the tide between Kitterland and the mainland, with seals swimming around us!

With coaching ratios staying below 1:2 for the morning, and 1:1 instructor to student ratio for the Intermediate session, the learning curve is highly visible. A tremendous effort by everyone!
A relaxing stretching session was the ultimate conclusion to an very productive Sunday, and we had the occasional tourist joining in on this element too! :)
Welcome to our new members of the Adventure Club, who joined us in the last few weeks, and to those who will be joining us shortly. We have just uploaded the outlines of exclusive holidays and trips on offer to Adventure Club members in 2010!


Sessions running in plenty as the sea water is now at its warmest!

A few pics from the group on Saturday - using the rocky coastline around Peel Castle, on the West Coast of the Isle of Man, one of our most popular routes!
We will also be running Gorge Scrambling next Saturday, as well as our more family orientated exploratory Coasteering route - check the website Calendar for adventures we have scheduled, or contact us to arrange your own small or large group!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Adventure Club - Progressive Coaching Program

Adventure Club
A fantastic turn out to the Adventure Club meal & social on Saturday, and with the fine conditions holding for the Sunday paddles, we were able to use the our favourite playground for exploring and increasing awareness and skills in the tidal races...

Skills sessions and trips continue every sunday throughout the year. In addition to the Progressive Learning Program, Adventure Club members are also offered BCU Awards when skills are suitable ready, exclusive paddling holidays and mini-expeditions, meals & socials, regular Unforgettable Adventurous Experiences as part of their adventurous lifestyle decision...

Seals in the Sound were amusing the paddlers (waiting in the eddies for their turn at breaking-into the water flow, or running the wave train) with upside-down cruising, nibbling the toggles and paddles and general adorable antics!

"Thanks for all the flapjacks, hot choc and snacks - and a terrific day on in the water!"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

'Netballers at Niarbyl' - Sea Kayaking Isle of Man

We chose Niarbl Bay to put in for today's beginners Sea Kayak Trip and also the group Evening Paddle.

Superb conditions suited the students and made for some lovely pics too :)

Finishing the Evening Paddle in low light was particularly memorable - especially when Andy North and a couple of fellow paddlers appeared out the gloom! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunsets, Seals & Safety - Sea Kayaking Isle of Man

Such a phenomenal weekend....

With the great weather back again :)
The Adventure Club Intermediate group headed out to Chickens rock!
Whereas the Improvers training group sunbathed in the Calf Sound, surrounded by Seals.

The stag party had an adventurous session of Coasteering off Peel, and the young girls had their own adventure too!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenni! Rock Climbing - Isle of Man

A terrific day yesterday - clear blue skies, warm rock - superb climbing conditions

for staff and the evening Birthday group!

Peel provided a delightful sunset for the Evening Paddle as well :)

As the evenings get longer, will will be bringing our night paddles back in again
look our these on the calendar!