Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wildlife in Abundance!

A delightful sea kayak trip out of Port Erin Beach, with a break to admire the seal display off Kitterland. Very often if we just sit there, inquisitive seals will come right up to the kayaks. Larger pups sometimes 'nussle' the smooth gellcoat, gently tug the carry toggles with their teeth and adult seals nudge the kayaks about with their noses. This playfulness suggests that (as with most marine life) the impact of unobtrusive kayaks is minimal and obviously the seals choose to enjoy the interaction. Being there to soak in these experiences accentuates the joy of being outdoors, especially on the sea in the colder months when increased visability sharpens perceptions and the low angle of the sun illuminates the caves and caverns like torchlight, with the familiar sight of Cormorants and Shags lining the rocks along the route, and cries of various gulls keeps reminding me how lucky we are, and how I love the Isle of Man!
As Peel Pool is having necessary maintenance work, we decided to offer the students on the Oct Pool Course a night paddle off Peel instead! Perfect conditions with a clear starry sky, bright moon and not a ripple on the sea. A very memorable evening for all. Since the smoking Canon incident, night photo's don't come out so well..

A favourite location of ours for Coasteering, St Patrick's Isle, also offers an array of wildlife if you look carefully.. Turnstones, prevailent around Peel "spend most of their time creeping and fluttering over rocks, picking out food from under stones" RSPB Website -
(These were just alongside the group.)
Apart from meeting the 'resident' seal who frequents the cave that reaches right under the castle, and pass beneith the location where Princess Fenella met her end, it is an undeniably stunning location to participate in activities.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Corporate Day @ Peel

Good fortune with the weather and sea conditions continue to add even more pleasure to Adventurous Experiences sought by everyone we meet...
Coasteering was an absolute cracker, planning the tides gave a challenging route the group desired. Sorry for the lack of pics from the Rock Climbing session in the afternoon, these will be in the paper shortly...

Joyous pics from many sessions...

A selection of pics from Sea Kayak trips, Coasteering sessions,
Apple Day @ the Green Mann Market,
and Coaching sessions with Adventure Club members.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Corporate paddle from Peel

Fine conditions for the corporate group, who headed North out of Peel. Many of whom were absolute beginners and took to it very well.

As well as one or two paddlers who had obviously done 'a bit' before...

Those who asked about courses and progression, we've a choice of ways to help you get into the sport right away.
Due to the rather pressing urgency of the imminent match in the afternoon, we ensured everyone was back in time for kick off!

The finer points of Coaching

Thanks to Peter Williamson for this shot
he took after his trip in the morning.
From introducing basics on novice trips ran in the morning, to individual key points and feedback in the Intermediates at midday, and Intro-mediate sessions ran in the afternoon, with the emphasis as always on Fun Safe Learning, refining core kayak handling skills is the main framework around which each coaching session is run, using the mild temperatures and excellent water clarity to practice the 'wet' skills mastered in the pool...
(Using the snorkelling mask to observe exactly what was happening underwater was very successful today)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Private Tuition and Introducing Beginners

As those who have received our newsletter will know,
(if not here's the link:)

we have entered the coaching season, with many courses running for beginners, as well as those who already paddle. Absolute beginners and existing paddlers alike, who wish to learn core skills including the eskimo roll, normally book into a course we run in the indoor pool at Peel.
However, some are more hardcore or wish to learn in their own boats and desire the excellerated learning that private tuition brings. One to one and private tuition is available throughout the quieter months, and we do supply kit when required.

I've heard many a person tell me that they are waiting for the summer till they try Sea Kayaking.. but as Autumn draws in, its time to get started and you'll find the stunning coastline, fascinating rock formations, seals and other marine life are here all year round!

We ask for flexibility as to location, and in return we will guarantee 'an Unforgettable Adventurous Experience!'

Monday, October 08, 2007

Record busy day on the water...

Perfect conditions on Sunday made for this sunny and flat calm October day, our busiest on record! Beginners paddle in the morning, including the final session of the Sept Introduction to Sea Kayaking course, headed North out of Port Erin, around Bradda Head, past the old Copper Mines leaching brilliant colours on the cliffs. Around the Sea Stacks and boulders, keeping distance from the newly born Seal Pups in the caves on certain beaches. Time to practice a few skills before returning to the beach. A rapid ice cream break was followed by the Adventure Club Intermediates skills session, which took place at the Calf Sound, with numerous re-entry and rolls, self-rescues and much swimming! Ginger cake and sandwiches prepped the team for the late afternoon Intra-mediates paddle, which split into smaller groups, and paddled North out past the Mines again.
We'll continue to run these sessions every Sunday, in this order, as they have proven to be very popular.

Such a great day and despite occasional wobbles, only one accidental wetting... well done everyone!!

Nearly forgot a pic from Thursday's 'Leadership in Advanced Conditions' weekly evening session, ensuring our instructors are adequately prepared for all eventualties!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sat Corporate Paddle

Stunning Day on the water, setting out from Peel Castle, plenty of seals further round, including a newly born pup on one of the rocky beaches we passed on our trip. Water clarity was excellent, and we could see the bottom the whole way. Great group, cheers and hope you like the pics!