Saturday, March 29, 2014

Coasteering for lads

Had a great Coasteering journey this morning, using one of our more committing routes...
 ...with plenty to see and do along the way!! : )
 Really good to show you a section of the Island from a different perspective.
Looking forward to being on the water again tomorrow : )

ps. the indoor pool training session this afternoon was very productive.
and a sunset pic as I was heading off on the ferry on Wednesday...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

dynamic clockwork

Saturday's Junior Paddlesport

Indoor Pool Kayak Safety Training

 Sunday's Adventure Club Sea Kayaking

Its great when things run like clockwork, in a dynamic manner : )
A cracking weekend!

Theia's Farm Party

 Theia's Birthday Party on Saturday was at Knockaloe Beg Farm...
 ...and Theia and her friends absolutely loved it!! : )
 Watching a lamb being born, feeding the animals...
 ...ride on the pony and trap...
 ...and of course the party food and cake in the farmhouse itself : )
 A terrific experience for everyone! Thanks very much to the Anderson family, a really fun, memorable day on the farm. Catch you again soon.