Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adventure Club winter wildlife paddles & family adventures

Another stunning day on the water... sea kayaking on the Isle of Man is without doubt one of the best ways to enjoy the diverse seasonal changes on the Island.

With absolute beginners taking to the water each week, and many of our Adventure Club now progressing into Intermediate paddlers, its an exciting time!

The Mighty Triton (double kayaks) were on the water yesterday, helmed by coaches, providing unforgettable experiences for all the family! :)

Huge fluffy clouds, cosy warm paddlers, totally sheltered from the NE wind :)

and Gorge Scrambling - always a winner! :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chrismas Eve... adventure on the Isle of Man

On the Eve of Christmas, we're getting a stable weather pattern, with calm crisp days :)

Night paddles are breathtaking at this time of year - with an acute feel for the water, the body - the kayak and the paddle.... one of the most effective mediums to really 'feel' sea kayaking.

It's an unforgettable, magical experience...

"Hi Keirron

Just to say thanks for an absolutely unforgettable experience - I was expecting to be freezing but it was surprisingly warm! Nothing can match the experience of kayaking by moonlight - absolutely fanatastic!

Cheers and a very merry Christmas to you.


Beginning at Fenella Beach, we paddled round the Castle, heading North along the coast, gradually leaving the twinkling lights of Peel behind us...
Landing on a beach for a hot chocolate and fresh chocolate brownies before returning to Peel, viewing the castle from a impressive vantage point, and the decorated boats in the new marina!

"thanks for another amazing experience, paddling in the evening was a whole new sensation and truly unforgettable.
In the dark everything is so different, the sites from a completely different perspective are a real treat but I think it was feeling the closer connection with the water that really surprised me.

6 month ago if someone had suggested that I might be sitting in a kayak at night, in winter looking up at Peel castle I'd have thought they were mad. Now I know evening paddling is the future :)

Have a great Christmas,
See you Sunday


Coasteering in December with frostly mornings (and evenings), sprinklings of snow on the ground - has been mostly described as 'mad' and some other words I can't repeat...

Sophie and Gareth are visiting the island this Christmas and booked in for a super Coasteering session around Peel Castle! A terrific session, and wrapped up well, they had a cosy experience - and physically a fulfilling session :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Snow & sea kayaking Isle of Man

This weekend provided an decidely wintry feel to our adventures :)

Some great colours and contrasts for photo's as well!

Laxey was calm and sheltered as predicted, snow showers, sunshine, vivid clouds and sun patterns and a great place to enhance sea kayak skills - journeying and playing through the rocks and inlets.

The odd sorte out to the tidal races during the week - spring tides giving excitement and opening pathways usually inaccessible...

Laxey also provided some amazement at the dedication of the Balla Africa charity swim team practicing for a wetsuited relay between IOM and England during TT week 2010!

Brett and Gareth looked on great form in the snow :)

It instigated a talk amongst the paddlers on our upcoming Isle of Man Adventure Race, 26th - 27th June 2010 :)

A few of us are looking forward to the sea kayaking, but hoping to poach a few of the swimmers for that element of the race weekend...

...as much like most of the ice skating on display at the temporary rink at the Villa Marina in Douglas - some have more skill than others...

Immense fun and absolutely no control or ability to seen! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Training Courses & BCU Awards - Sea Kayaking Isle of Man

We've had an exceptional busy training time on the sea, with rough water boat handling and leadership, followed by BCU personal performance and leadership awards.

Congratulations on the Adventure Club members who completed their BCU Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course. The next course will begin 10th January, and run for 5 consecutive Sunday Evenings.

Well done those who also passed their BCU 2* and 3* Sea Awards.

A big well done to the Finnish & UK coaches - who have been training with us for the Rough Water handling, and then completed their BCU 4* Sea Leadership Assessment, and then went on to complete their 5* Sea Training.

Nigel Dennis and Trys Burke were on the Island to run the Awards and provide external verification.

We spent a lot of time trying to find landings around the Calf of Man, which were not already taken by the seal population!!

And of course wary of finding baby seal pups camouflaged on the beaches after we landed :)

Some beautiful sunsets, and early morning sunrises....

As well as the anticipated tidal Races and Overfalls provided by our unique Manx coastline!

With the long term forecast looking favourable for paddling (cold and clear) and the enquires we have received, we are providing more experiences and trips this Christmas - for our regular Adventure Club members, as well as families and visitors who fancy a paddle over the holidays :) Link below to our Calendar of scheduled events;

Gift Vouchers

The perfect Christmas gift - available for experiences with us or for values from £25. Buy online via paypal - or contact us for more info. Vouchers come inside a special gift certificate card, in time for Christmas!