Thursday, August 25, 2016

Island Kayak Record Broken by John Willacy

Whilst the sea was sleeping...

Fast Touring Class (and overall fastest time)

Anglesey man John Willacy returned to the Island to break the record, and smashed it yesterday, setting a blistering record of 10 hours, 33 minutes! 

John had just got off the water as we were finishing our evening paddle at Fenella beach, Peel.

The challenge was originally set up as the

SKUK Series 'Round the Isle of Man' Kayak Race

'A race around the Island in a touring class sea kayak'.
Retaining the ethos of self-reliance for the typically 62.3 nautical mile journey.
Present Record Holder
Kim Tastagh with 13 hours 7 minutes on 10th July 2013
Kim was aged 18 when he took this title from the previous holder, also making him the youngest person to complete the challenge!

It is terrific to have athletes like John dedicate himself to break this record, and to push the limits of the Fast Touring Class (the overall fastest time).

Here's to more contenders : )


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sun Glorious Sun

Today's Sea Kayaking trips from Peel, Isle of Man

More to follow...
Keirron & the Team

Coasteering & Sea Kayaking

Tuesday's Coasteering and Sea Kayaking Adventurous Experiences
on the Isle of Man took place in hot sunshine with amazing clarity, setting out from beneath Peel Castle on the West Coast...

An amazing day, paddling in t-shirts, coasteering in warm conditions and lapping up the sunshine, the spectacular views and the acrobatic seals!

Catch you on the water soon
Keirron & the Team

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sunset Paddle

 Monday Evening - Family Sunset Paddle


Youth Development Week (day 1) - Sea Kayaking around Peel Castle

More Adventures...


Catch you on the water soon
Keirron & the Team