Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Achieving Goals - sea kayaking and beyond

These few pictures cover a fair few sessions where people have reached their goals set previously, and the past few weeks have given ideal scenarios and conditions for students and coaches prior to assessment against the new BCU Star Tests.

We were delighted again to host the lads from Manchester, North-West Sea Kayakers who visit the Island regularly to paddle, and enjoy an occasional beverage... Pete, Jim, Glen and Chris, great to see you again and thanks for all your help!

Congratulations to those who passed the 1* Award, as well as those working towards their next grade, and the best of luck to everyone during the scheduled assortment of April assessments.

The Adventure Club Sunday sessions have successfully moved into four broad skill levels, and this has allowed us to focus even more on individual aims, long and short term goals.
As we now enter our busy period at a fast pace, and the days are getting longer, we are ensuring we too achieve our goals. With our coaching team in excellent spirits after another winter of intensive training, we look forward to offering many more Unforgettable Adventurous Experiences this summer!
Pics from John Keggin and Sam Murphy, in addition to my own..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ocean Paddler Magazine visit the Island!

Bertie and Bestie from Ocean Paddler Magazine managed to find time in their manic schedule to visit the island for a few days this week.. and received the highly proclaimed Manx welcome from Adventurous Experiences and the Department of Tourism and Leisure, and some stormy conditions! I'm sure they will be running the article shortly, here's a couple of pics from a few of their experiences...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

BCU 5* Training on the Isle of Man...

Given the somewhat breezy conditions over the last few days, the BCU 5* Sea Training run by Nigel Dennis from Sea Kayaking UK was a great success and covered a lot of ground. Thursday evening's night navigation training gave an interesting start to the course, (being quite gusty) giving pleny of learning opportunities in both leadership and navigation. Just off the water and one of the staff got a call asking if he was still kayaking as the tree had just blown down in the garden..

The following days had a similar forecast.

Explanation and understanding low pressure systems meant the group could use windows of opportunity and in addition to the required training, some very enjoyable paddling was possible!
Friday evening's Adventure Club meal with Nigel as guest was hosted by Jan & Terry, and was excellent prep for the following day of training... thanks guys for a fantastic evening!

Sundays Adventure Club paddles ran out of Laxey, with plenty of Wild Goat spotting and most of the improvers successfully obtaining their BCU 1* Award, Congratulations!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Advanced Training - day and night...

With next weekend's scheduled 5* training with Nigel Dennis looming, all staff have been working even harder on personal skills, during weekly staff training in darkness and regular Sunday Adventure Club sessions, concentrating on Leadership in advanced conditions, Navigation and rough water landings, rescues and recovery skills in Tidal races with all sorts of situations enacted...
And managed to slot in some top-roped climbing at the Chasms on Saturday as well!
Just been looking at the Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium, first bank holiday weekend in May.

Adventurous Experiences will be closed Saturday 03rd to Monday 05th, as all staff will be attending..

and a few pics taken by Chris Gledhill from Sunday, cheers for them!