Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Youth Development Week - part 1

This week has seen the first of our Youth Activity weeks for the summer holidays!
Our first week is for 11 to 15 year olds, experiencing a full week of unforgettable adventurous experiences. The team have set themselves some goals for the week and we're helping them achieve them through adventure and exploration!
Day 1 involved a Coastal exploration.
And day 2 saw the team take to the water in sea kayaks
Before a spot of Gorge scrambling!
A great team of lads, and looking forward to the rest of the week...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Circumnavigation of the Isle of Man by Sea Kayak

This years team from the Adventure Club have been training for the challenge of paddling round the Isle of Man since January. 
Led by George, the team of Mark, Anouk, Andy, Chris, Sarah and Martha set off from Laxey beach on Thursday evening paddling north, arriving at Ramsey to set up camp on the beach.
Up at sunrise on Friday to begin a long day ahead. 
A break at the Point of Ayre, the island's most northerly point. 
Time for a swim on the North west coast to cool off on the way south...
Before paddling down the west coast, meeting another Adventurous Experiences trip coming into Peel as they took a break on Fenella beach, planning to camp at Niarbyl the team were on fine form and pushed onto Port Erin to camp the second night where Tim also joined the group.
On the water for 7am on Saturday the team pushed on through the sound and up the east coast.
Arriving at Laxey at 4.15pm, less than 48 hours after setting off.

Well done from all of us at at Adventurous Experiences, you trained hard for the challenge and the training paid off! 

"Circumnavigating the island was a breathtaking experience - making fresh coffee whilst sitting at the Point of Ayre, watching flocks and flocks of sea birds in their natural habitat, seeing fish jumping out of crystal blue water, dogfish basking in the sun on the surface of the water, a porpoise leaping up in front if us early in the morning, stopping for a swim to take refuge from the sun, putting my head under a waterfall on a beach to freshen up - these are just some of the experiences that will be with me forever." - Anouk

"Wow, what a weekend we just had. I want to really thank everyone at Adventurous Experiences that supported our circumnav of the island. All the training and experience you guys have given us really paid off." - Sarah

"We stopped every hour or two, usually staying in our kayaks on the water for drink and food. An excellent paddle and result by the whole team, and our thanks to George Shaw who led the trip" - Chris

Finally, this was two islands in 2 weekends for one of the team, well done to Andy Merrick who circumnavigated Anglesey with George the weekend before, also in 2 days.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Parties, Stag do's and other unforgettable adventures!

Busy summer days have continued over the weekend, here's a few pics from today and yesterday!

Cameron's 10th Birthday Coasteering party

Dave's Sea Kayaking Stag Do

With some special requests to get wet, the guys brought their own "helmets" with them!
Great fun, and effort. Hope you had a great night!

Sunday Sea Kayaking off Laxey

Catch you on the water soon!!