Sunday, August 30, 2009

Basking Sharks - Sea Kayaking training

A full day of training sessions from Port Erin
Beach today, with Basking Sharks in the bay, swimming through the groups throughout the day!
A truely amazing day, and a great way to kick off the training season, with many students wishing to learn how to sea kayak with adventurous experiences :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sea Kayaking Isle of Man - 'colours of Laxey'

A few pics from yesterday and todays paddles from Laxey - avoiding the rougher conditions on the West Coast, and enjoying the seals and birdlife, with excellent conditions! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Family Adventures - Isle of Man


Thanks for a great afternoon, and your patience !!


Coasteering - Isle of Man

'Coasteering sessions - tailored to group's ability and desire'

Last night's adverse wind conditions augmented a change in location, in order to best meet the needs of the group. As with all adventures - experience and decision making (the underlying themes in risk assessment and leadership) - played a key role in delivering an Unforgettable Adventurous Experience.

When you explore the Isle of Man constantly, the skill of matching an adventurous activity to a suitable location, in varying weather conditions, becomes more fluid.

In contrast to the needs of the adventurers on the open scheduled session, the requirements of the team on our Corporate Training Day (with similar weather conditions, running the previous day) were demanding!

It required a challenging mix of action and cognitive elements, a catalyst for comradeship, awareness and fun. The day built and strengthened the team in a way alternative courses could not.


Thanks for the pics - there's a definite buzz round the office as the team show off their war wounds and tell stories about the day!

What we tend to find best about the day is that some of the team will have only met that day or a couple of days before, yet when they come into the office after their adventure day, they get on as if they've been friends for years, it really is the best ice breaker.

Typically we picked the worst day of the week weather wise, but it doesn't seem to have affected their enjoyment at all, so a job well done!

Thanks again

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gain a new perspective on the Isle of Man...

....through a sea kayak trip, with Adventurous Experiences!

It's been Seals and Basking Sharks galore on the West coast of the Isle of Man recently :)

"I spent this morning on an adventure with Caitlin and Laura, paddling from Port Erin to the Calf Sound, in and out of the inlets, taking a break with the seals swimming all around us. An inquisitive seal pup nibbling the kayak toggles or gnawing the paddles... it was spell binding! Eventually we tore ourselves away, and with our friendly little escort, set off on the return journey. Keeping close to the cliffs, we passed three Basking Sharks feeding on the surface, swimming right up underneith the kayaks... wow factor running high, we hit the beach a few minutes late...

What a phenomenal morning." Keirron

A journey by sea kayak or Coasteering - giving a new persepective on the coastline, the marine life around us, and life in general...

A guaranteed Unforgettable, adventurous experience!

Then it was off to the Chasms on the South Coast for an afternoon's rock climbing in the sun on Tower Buttress and Tower Slabs...

Looking down, we spotted Jan and Terry paddling below, past Sugarloaf Cave and sea stack, teeming with birds.

Finishing with a trip to Peel to pick up Nico and Jukka, who had been running the day trip from Port Erin, encounting a further three Basking Sharks and numerous Seals along the way....

I love summer on the Isle of Man!!!

A few pics to come from yesterday's evening paddle, and the Coasteering session with two Basking Sharks feeding just off the rocks nearby!!

Gorge Scrambling is one of our adventures which can be experienced in all sorts of weather, sheltered in a naturally stunning glen and the 6mm Sola steamer wetsuits make it very enjoyable too!

Finally a shot from last Monday's Viking Longboat Boat - Race Training... The Adventurous Experiences team were the first on the water in 2009!
Looking forward to this coming Monday for more blisters, and the Race itself on Saturday 22nd August :)

Seems a sailing boat misjudged the water depth...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Team Adventures on the Isle of Man

"Lying on a grassy outcrop, above Niarbyl's tail of rocks, on the West coast of the Isle of Man, the bay in front of us was busy with Basking Sharks. We spent the evening chatting and watching Gez and Becky (our summer admin team) out in the kayaks, with the 'gentle giants' moving slowly around them. Then a large adult Basking Shark breached close by the happy paddlers, what a sight!! As the sun slowly sank, we witnessed a further 15 breaches, mostly on the tide line, a spectacular experience!"

Rock Climbing with us is increasing in popularity, and coaching sessions are showing some excellent results :) Our key service areas of Safe, Fun, Learning lend themselves well to this The opening of the Chasms again (after the nesting season) adds some more ideal venues for beginners and those with experience.

Coasteering continues to provide the perfect balance of excitement, exploration, challenge

Some perfect summer evening paddles, and some atmospheric ones as well, with varying sea states, and plenty of marine life :)

Heading out North from Fenella Beach, round the castle with John's family group..

Made even more memorable as the Basking shark changed direction and swam right beneith Hannah's kayak!