Monday, March 26, 2007

Summer feeling...

As the weather just keeps getting better, Sunday paddles are even more joyous, and Evening Paddles will officially begin next week!

The advanced session at the Sound was mixture of Seal spotting and practice at re-entry and rolls (including fastening spraydeck underwater) and other forms of merriment!

The beginners paddle in the afternoon headed round under the shelter of Bradda Head, whilst the Intermediate group paddled through the Sound to South harbour, one of our regular spots for cakes and a brew, before returning to the beach, with the sun still high in the sky!
Another great day with the Adventure Club, and our new beginners, looking forward to next week.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Corporate Challenges...

Just a few pics from a tremendous afternoon on Thursday!

Provoking, highlighting and solving issues in Leadership

Pushing beyond the limits of personal Comfort Zones

Enjoying success as a team

Thanks for all your enthusiasm!

What I love about the Calf of Man

Getting up at 6am, packing gear and heading out from Port Erin Bay not long after sunrise...

The Mighty Triton is an ideal method of transport, its fast easy paddling, and you can choose to have a conversation with your paddling partner, take pictures whilst the other paddles or just enjoy the sycronised rhythm as the awesome Calf of man draws closer with each stroke. Numerous seals accompany the craft as we pass different colonies, literally hundreds of mainly Grey Seals, stretched out, basking on the rocks. Landing is easy at South Harbour, pulling the kayak well up from the waterline, and following the network of tracks and paths around this stunning area.

The formidable Chicken Rock, designed and built by the family of Robert Louis Stevenson, (best known for his writing accomplishments), who also built the three lighthouses in a row, towering above the sea stack which marks the Western tip of the Calf.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Outdoor Show - Birmingham NEC

Fantastic few days at the show, great to touch bases with everyone who came alaong, and a lot of interest in the Isle of man as a destination this summer!

Also had fliers out for the Isle of man Adventure Week running 15th to 20th August, which looks to fill early at this rate. Managed to enter 2 teams in the crate stacking challenge, this is team 'B' in progress! Awesome fun, soon to be a popular activity on the island...

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Been very lucky with the last couple of days, wild yet sunny, and found sheltered locations for our visitors Polly and Belinda to experience what the Island has to offer in the way of adventure!
After being looked after by Mike and John, a memorable experience was guaranteed...

Calm session of Sea Kayaking on Friday, and this lovely little beck beside the car park warrented a picture too.

Mike helped me set up at the Chasms, and the guys walked up from Port St Mary, as a nice little warm up to the first climb...

Quintin had also joined the group, and got stuck into the climbing, abseiling and tea break.

Wind was picking up as we finished, and the good folk made their way down to The Sound Cafe for Lunch. Belinda got the prize for bravery and determination that day! Very enjoyable company, hopefully catch up with you again in the summer!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Horrendous Experiences

Due to the Severe Gale Force Winds about to hit us, sessions have been cancelled today!

So thought i'd share one of pics taken at the surf session on Thursday. Mike Wade - a pro photographer from the Island took all sorts of pics that day!

More pics and info on the Vancouver Island record Attempt in May at:

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Beginners Evening Paddle

Beautiful day, and with tomorrows forecast being less desirable, changed the beginners trip to this afternoon. Great choice, with bright sunshine and unbelievable cloud patterns...

Just down the coastline and back. Reggie, Jonathon and Andrew have just finished their pool, course and were eager to get out on the sea!

Andrew amazed us all with his ability to perform the techniques he mastered in the pool course, in the marine environment...

Headed back to the slip as the sun disappeared behind Port St Mary.

And on a Very Happy Note, Cherry Plum Blossom out on the trees at home. Spring is here!