Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bliss & Basking Sharks...

We've been on (and in) the water so much, many unforgettable experiences from the past week. Here's one of the pics from our encounters with 4 basking sharks off Port Erin today...
The large adult (above) remained in the bay, feeding around the group, swimming away and returning, for the whole session, and allowed us to get some super pics and footage.
This was the last session in the 'Introduction to Sea Kayaking' course, and combining close wildlife encounters and practical training, means everyone will progress through to the NEW adventure club package, and continue learning with us.

Out with corporate groups on Saturday from Laxey, the addition of bit of a breeze added exhilaration to great company. What a fantastic coastline we have on the Isle of Man, and rainbows too! Finishing with the evening paddle, which gave some delightful colours.

Our Youth Scholarship Program is presently covering elements of team building and leadership and a spot of Gorge scrambling went down a treat!

Justine and Barry visited the island again, this time by plane with the aim of getting some footage... They paddled the 'Mighty Triton' kayak which had been their transport in the previous visit from N Wales!
Pics from other adventures too...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a relaxing evening social with colleagues

As is often the case when a team of work colleagues get together to enjoy a paddle with us, the group last night was of mixed experience; from those who paddle to those who have never sat in a kayak before...

The result... a guaranteed Unforgettable Adventurous Experience!
More pics on the way to you, looking forward to seeing you all again soon :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

An Island of Contrasts..

Friday evening's paddle from Laxey was spectacular, with expansive rolling cloud formation imprinted across the silky water, on which we paddled. The slight tinge of pink creeping in and growing more evident as the evening drew to a close...

The weekend produced conditions and an ideal excuse for getting the playboat fleet on the water, and practicing a few manoeuvres. Newcomers to the Adventure Club were introduced to the theory elements of tides, navigation from a sea kayak and trip planning (dry and warm in our modern lecture room) and those who desired excitement found that in abundance at Fenella beach! Roar of surf in your ears
and rush of adrenaline as you accelerate down the wave...
and what happens next is anyones guess!

Woke this morning with hot sunshine again! The essence of last nights rainfall hanging in the air, amplifying every sound (especially the high pitched cheeping of newly hatched clusters of fluffy chicks) around the clucking mother hen, some scratching for grubs whilst others lay sprawled in the self-made dust baths. Living in Patrick has many benefits, peace and serenity being high on the list :)
The wind has dropped dramatically, and the sea due to flatten out as the day progresses, turning 'slight' in time for tonights paddle... fingers crossed!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Friday 13th ... A pleasure!

Friday 13th was a joyous day, and the Corporate Evening Paddle was no exception! A few pics from that, and one or two from the week and weekend also :)
As promised for June, we have re-modelled the Adventure Club membership package, making it very affordable and simple. The Club is the product of many years of work by our staff, and the new membership package will be very popular. Many thanks to everyone for their imput.
Visitors to the Island have been making use of constant sunshine to explore the fantastic coastline and abundant birdlife June provides. Curlews have been especially prominant (in small numbers), in addition to our much loved Puffins, Guillimots and Razorbills (even a few Black Guillimots too!) The group out of Laxey watched a Peregrine Falcon taking a catch back its nest and the slow jurassic looking Herons flapping to gain height above.

Lastly, in response to constant pressure and demand; from July 08th (Tuesday Evenings) every other week we will be running our Young Adventurers courses, 6:30 till 8:30pm.
Places will fill very fast!

Monday, June 09, 2008


Very light SW winds and silky calm seas are perfeect conditions for all sorts of wildlife encounters... Paddling on the sea with Basking Sharks swimming around and beneith provides a phenomenal, educational and safe, unforgettable adventurous experience. Even though we've seen these up to 35ft long, its by consuming microscopic Plankton that they grow to this size. Following the WiSe code of conduct and allowing them to approach the group in the right way, they are very astute and curious and certainly no threat.
Seals are another such creature, also protected from negative human influence, and like other marine animals and mammals when in close proximety to unobtrusive sea kayaks, often display very cute and intriguing behaviours... The young seal pictured in the centre of the group above having a 'chat' with Chris, had approached slowly from the Thousla rock (on which sits the pepperpot light) , and given an added thrill to the contented folk drifting lazilly about in the bay, sun beaming down and Loughten Sheep grazing on the grassy slopes above. Biscuits and mineral water accompanied the sunbathing on the rocks nearby, before beginning the return journey. Crossing the formidable Sound running gently, around Kitterland and along the sheer rocky coastline back to the beach..
The afternoon trip was made even more delightful by luck holding out on the weather, and the forecast cloudy conditions not materialising...

Perfect for paddling, perfect for pictures!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Basking Sharks off the Isle of Man

A few pics from this moring's Sea Kayak Trip out from Fenella Beach, Peel. Loads of Guillimots and Razorbills flying willy nilly overhead, a few puffins, and two fairly large Basking Sharks!

The first we saw was about 25 feet long, and it swam past the group, feeding at the surface, its snout out of the water.

The second was about 30 ft in length and swam around the group, under the kayaks and back round again a few times, clearly inquisitive. The last pic above shows the gentle giant approaching the kayaks from the side before slipping beneith the boats giving a magnificent and very close view of its open mouth and huge body.

A few more pics to come...
As promised.. cheers for a fantastic trip!