Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Evening Paddle

Relaxed Evening Paddle

A few pics from Tuesday's relaxed evening Sea Kayaking experience from Peel... simply stunning!


Catch you on the water soon : )
Keirron and the Team

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The next challenge...

The Adventure Club paddle to Scotland and back is now on our Media Timeline.
The open crossing also featured in the Isle of Man Examiner.
The team are heading off on their next adventure on tomorrow...

Manx adventurers kayak to Scotland… and back!

A team from the Adventure Club IoM kayaked to Scotland on Saturday afternoon, camped at the Isle of Whithorn (visiting the Steam Packet Inn, which is linked to the Island as the IoM Steam Packet ferry used to dock there) and made the return open crossing on Sunday morning, encountering dolphins, pods of porpoise, puffins and spectacular shades of grey sea mist. 
Co-leader Tim Cass is extremely proud of the team:
“It’s a tremendous achievement! Low visibility meant paddling on compass bearings, calculating the tidal flows and it took 7 and half hours on the way back... the team will have slept well last night : )” 
The mission was led by Keirron Tastagh and Tim Cass, both coaches at Adventurous Experiences, and fellow Club members Lucy Partington, Gerry McGarvey, Becky Crease, Rowan Grundey, Tim Cross and Martin Dycher.
The Adventure Club train weekly on the sea, receiving performance coaching in advanced conditions year-round, and regular peer paddling during the week as well.
Adventurous Experiences (the company which run the Club) is a British Canoeing International Training Centre, attracting learners from all corners of the world, to train in the Isle of Man. The Club provides a focus for adults who live and work locally, to receive regular challenge and risk utilisation.
Team member Becky Crease said of the open crossing; “to arrive on a beach, knowing it's all human energy that has carried you across the sea is a powerful feeling. We all worked hard through the crossings, which makes the sense of achievement of this team goal all the more sweet. A huge thanks to Keirron for the challenge, the training and the opportunity...what an amazing experience!”
Lucy Partington described the challenge;
“I think the English language needs to expand its vocabulary to encompass the feelings felt on this trip! Notably first was the feeling of not being able to see any land, a feeling of 'we could be anywhere in the world'. I thought I would find it a little unnerving but it was so calming and tranquil. Secondly, was a feeling of 'we, as a group are all alone, it is just us' which was amazing…”
This real adventure provided memorable learning opportunities, as the team prepare for the next challenge this month! The whole Skills Development Pathway (Junior Paddlesport - Adults Paddlesport - Adventure Club) provides the environment for people to progressively develop risk utilisation skills. This journey also develops natural leaders and coaches through the apprenticeship model.

Keirron Tastagh is a British Canoeing International Coach (achieved the Level 5 Coach Award in 2012) and delivers Leadership training and Coach Education worldwide.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Skills and Thrills

Adventure Club - wet skills fun session

The Sunday morning Adventure Club training was a fun wet session off Peel....
celebrating Midsummer's Day!

Adults Paddlesport - Sunday Afternoon

The afternoon Adults Paddlesport sunshine trip used the same route heading south from Peel, with spectacular scenery, abundant birdlife, guillemots, razorbills, puffins, seals, shags, oyster catchers...

Sea Kayaking Experience

The scheduled early evening Sea Kayaking experience enjoyed the mild breeze and chop, combined with deep blue skies and a turquoise sea, watching seals swim beneath the kayaks, puffins and guillemots flapping around ... amazing!! 

Coasteering Experience

Thursday and Saturday morning's open Coasteering experience, used Bradda Head and the mighty Peel Castle route.

  Looking forward to your next experience with us : )

Catch you on the water soon!
Keirron and the Team 

Junior Paddlesport 'Learn 2 Explore' in the afternoon