Sunday, June 10, 2018

Scotland by Kayak

Adventure Club open crossing to Scotland (and back) by sea kayak

The Team arrived at Whithorn at 5pm on Saturday

A team from the Isle of Man Adventure Club have just arrived in the Isle of Whithorn (5pm) having left the Point of Ayre at midday 😊#adventureclub #opencrossing #seakayakinguk #celticpaddles 
An early start tomorrow to paddle back home!

The team setting out from the Point of Ayre at midday on Saturday

negotiating the large ferries and vessels in the shipping lane

stepping onto land after 5 hours in the kayaks

close encounter with Risso dolphins off Whithorn

a pair of puffins circled us on the way over, and again on the way back

friendly puffins by the kayaks, 
(pods of harbour porpoise also passed us throughout both journeys)

after plenty of navigation practice every step of the way, paddling back into the Point of Ayre, where an angling competition had just begun

Home sweet home 😊 the team landed back at the Point of Ayre this afternoon after a gruelling 7 and a half hour paddle from Scotland! A tremendous achievement : )

 “To arrive on a beach, knowing it's all human energy that has carried you across the sea is a powerful feeling. We all worked hard through the crossings, which makes the sense of achievement of this team goal all the more sweet. A huge thanks to Keirron for the challenge, the training and the opportunity...what an amazing experience!”
Becky Crease

“I think the English language needs to expand its vocabulary to encompass the feelings felt on this trip! Notably first was the feeling of not being able to see any land, a feeling of 'we could be anywhere in the world'. I thought I would find it a little unnerving but it was so calming and tranquil. Secondly, was a feeling of 'we, as a group are all alone, it is just us' which was amazing. The Stena Line ferries reminded me how small we are. That feeling of achievement when we reached Scotland was special, and it felt so normal to go to the pub together. Day two and a feeling of 'nearly there' persisted a little too long! Finally we made it, another great sense of achievement but there is nothing quite like that feeling of experiencing something so special together.”
Lucy Partington

“Thanks for such an amazing trip!!  I really didn’t think I had it in me, lol.  Feel very chuffed with myself and the whole team :)
I remember the feeling of exhilaration the first time I looked around and there was nothing to see but sea all around us, that was pretty special.  Also, the buzz of paddling around the rocks and landing our boats on the beach in Scotland was just such an amazing, surreal feeling!  I think the most challenging part for me was at the end of our return journey, when we were all feeling pretty shattered.  Paddling into the mist when we were expecting to see land, but just seeing more mist was pretty soul destroying.  But when the Point of Ayre lighthouse suddenly appeared, it gave us all a second wind and stepping out of our boats onto the beach was just the best feeling ever.  We did it!!!”
Rowan Grundey

“The apprehension leaving the safety of a known to the unknown.
The reality of how small we all were as we watched a passing ferry crossing our path. 
Exhilaration as we all touched the beach at Whithorn in the same way as we left our island. Together and as a team.
Having the faith to believe in the skills we have learnt from continued training, trusting these skills and navigating back home through the mist and sea haze. 
Looking forward to the next challenge and adventure.“
Tim Cross

“As a Scotsman, I often travel back to my homeland. I’ve journeyed by aeroplane, ferry, car, train and bus but never by kayak. This was a unique and most memorable journey – a truly Adventurous Experience - and no travel ticket to buy.”
Gerry McGarvey

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