Saturday, May 28, 2016


Friday Sea Kayaking from Peel - with Puffins

Bree's 30th Birthday weekend on the Isle of Man, kicking off with a sea kayak trip...

...conditions being pretty good, and the group a lot of laughs : )
Guillemots, Razorbills, Peregrine Falcons, Shags, Cormorants, Seals, Fulmar... 

Great to see the Puffin's in their regular summer habitat off Peel : )
  Basking Sharks soon!

 Evening Paddle from Peel

Last night's Evening Paddle from Fenella Beach, Peel enjoyed perfect conditions.

 A short break on shipwreck beach to stretch the legs, and then start the return journey...

As the sun sank towards the horizon.
A terrific day on the water, a lots of sunshine, wildlife and fun company : )

Catch you on the water soon
Keirron & the Team

ps. a few pics from Thursdays sea kayak trip off Port Erin beach.  
Katia is back from University for Kelvin and Emma's wedding party, and couldn't wait to get back in a kayak again!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Calf of Man

Sunday's Adventure Club Sea Kayaking...

...around the awesome Calf of Man, with Tim leading a party out to Chicken Rock on the spring tide as well!

The Calf of Man in Bloom - more adventures to follow : 0

Sunday Afternoon - Learn 2 Kayak sessions

 Also setting off from Port Erin Beach, in bright sunshine, and very calm conditions : )

 A lots of sunshine, fun and giggles!
Having completed the Learn 2 Kayak course, folks are progressing onto the Discover Sea Kayaking course with us.

John is busy in the office (and on the water) organising our operations. Contact Us to book your Unforgettable Adventurous Experience on the Isle of Man.

Catch you on the water soon : )
Keirron & the Team