Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tuesday 17th March 2020

'Daddy, the BIG Woolie sheep is back in the field. You can't see anything except his black nose! He's a cloud on the ground! Theia, age 10

A company Announcement
Adventurous Experiences team are still operating, with consideration.

An announcement from our Chief Minister
'Every person entering the Isle of Man from midnight tonight goes into 14 days isolation. Prosecution for anyone not complying'. We respect this decision.

We understand people are looking to us to make some miracles happen 🙌

To all our customers, families, friends, individuals, work colleagues. Sharing unforgettable experiences and lifelong learning programs with you is highly rewarding.
We understand there will be great disappointment when we announce that off-island travel which we have organised is going to be cancelled. Your personal wellbeing, development and sense of freedom is essential and important to us. We are working to ensure we continue to deliver on-island, with consideration.
To all our visiting customers, we look forward to welcoming you to our Island, in future times.

There is a close connection between change and risk.
As people, as a team, as a community and as a nation we embrace both as part of our culture.

We will still be paddling and coasteering 👍
We will still strive to create options and learning opportunities. We will continue to bring the positive benefits of managing and utilising risk progressively and responsibly.
Change will take place, things happen.
Everything happens for a reason... even if we do not understand it. Even if it's so unreasonable, to us.
What are our current priorities... food, warmth, shelter, health and happiness...
Sometimes its refreshing to look at at possible benefits, in order to find strength to face the risks.

And occasionally remind ourselves of the little 'ray's of sunshine' and the BIG Woolie sheep in the field 😊

Spring Skills Development

A plethora of skills development training sessions, experiences and challenges 

Pics to follow : )