Monday, June 20, 2016

Club trip to Skye

Tim, Martin, Anouk and Mark returned last weekend from our latest Adventure club mini-expedition, exploring the coast of the Isle of Skye.

The week started with a day trip on the stunning West coast paddling from Loch Bracadale before spending Tuesday with Gordon Brown from Skyak Adventures for a day of coaching. Congratulations to Anouk who also passed her BCU 3 Star Sea award that day!

Photography by Tim Cass

Then a 2 day trip exploring the north east coastline, dramatic basalt cliffs, caves, stacks and arches and the tide races at Rubha Hunish, Skye's northernmost point.

closest to furthest - Tim, Martin, Anouk and Mark

The group planned the mini-expedition (organised through the Adventure Club) with shared goals and aspirations.
Tim Cass, who achieved his BCU 5 Star Sea Leader Award in May this year (and a mighty beard along the way) led the whole adventure, which in itself reached a long-term goal : )
 Tim began to Learn to Kayak with Adventurous Experiences, after experiencing a Corporate Team Building event with us, and has developed through the Adventure Club to now holding the highest level leadership award!

Good to see the folks at training yesterday, and hear about the adventure : )

Catch you on the water soon

Sunday, June 19, 2016

an exceptional weekend


Coasteering at Bradda Head

Friday & Saturday

Sea Kayaking from Port St Mary 

Junior Paddlesport - Sea sessions


Adventure Club - Sea Kayak Training off Peel

Catch you on the water soon : )
Keirron & the Team

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Catch up...

Wildlife was abundant on a morning sea kayak trip from Peel, seals all around and under the kayaks, absolute clarity, puffins, an array of jellyfish...

Birthday - Calf of Man - Sea Kayak Trip

 Youth Scholarship TR 49. - Sea Kayaking Bradda Head

Adventure Club - messing about in (and out of) boats

Adventures from Peel

Misty 'rious Adventurous Experiences 

Coasteering Around Peel Castle

Catch you on the water soon