Monday, January 30, 2012

Adventure Travel Show - London Olympia

Sam, Becca and Keirron headed down to London for the Telegraph Adventure Travel Show, held in Olympia. A terrific weekend of meeting a great number of people, and catching up and training with our friends from Richmond Canoe Club. Really good to see you. 
It was very exciting to witness the increased demand for team entries into the Isle of Man Adventure Race this June. Entries are now open. Its going to be another awesome event!

Gorge Scrambling - Isle of Man (a family group on Saturday)
moderate water levels adding an extra element of excitement to the journey...
glad you all loved it! See you again this summer : )

Sunday Sea Kayaking - from Peel.
The combined session ran well, with opportunities for leadership experience, incident management, a trip along the West Coast of the Isle of Man and plenty of flapjack!

I'm looking forward to this coming weekend, for Kim's Birthday Coasteering session, and Sunday sea kayak sessions running, with the high pressure system due to stay around for a while!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sea Kayak Surfing - Isle of Man

 Some pics from sea kayak surfing at Port Erin Beach, on West coast of the Isle of Man yesterday, Peel was a little too lively for the session we had in mind... Got a text from David saying the surf at Port Erin beach were clean slow breaks : )
 The waves were indeed ideal, from small at one side of the bay, increasing in side and volume the further you got from the harbour.
 By the Intermediate session in the afternoon, students and coaches were trying all sorts, including vertical and aerial manoeuvres... 
 Keirron and Sam attempted some double action with mixed results : )
An excellent session in bright sunshine, well done everyone on their determination!
Thanks to Ian for all his rescues in the morning.

ps. me and George returned with the sea kayak fleet in prime condition after servicing them at the SKUK factory in N Wales last week. Thanks a million to George, Phil, Scot and all the lads who made it a success.

Hiya! Just thought I'd mail you to let you know how much I enjoyed our kayaking session today, in fact I could have stayed out for another 2 hours.  I'm not know for my love of surf but today it FINALLY felt like a few of the pieces of the surfing jigsaw came together!
Thanks again it was a true adventurous experience :-) Rach x 

Forgot to say that, for once, there was a definite feeling of girl power on the water today!!!
Kim was very active on the camera, captured leaving the surf zone (above).
Thanks to the photo Ste! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seals in the surf!

 This morning's Sea Kayaking ran from Port Erin Beach, with a full group, breaking into 'Beginners' and 'Improvers', we headed for the Sound...
on the way back, Mark stopped for a chat from the helm of PSM Lifeboat.
 The Afternoon's Intermediate Sea Kayak skills session paddled to South Harbour.
 The seals surfed with us through the sets! Taking of pics was less of priority once out in the delightful conditions, with sporadic haystacks and all sorts of joy!
A superb day on the water!

A few pics from skimming stones yesterday...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday 13th - January 2012

 Caught a cracking sunrise at the Tower of Refuge, in Douglas bay this morning...
 ...and as the sun rose from the Irish sea, the Ben My Chree sailed out of the harbour, perfect.
The footage from today was really good, well worth the time and a soaking! : )

This afternoon we paddled to the Calf of Man from Port Erin Bay.
and the seals were in a very playful mood, nuzzling the kayaks, pushing them round...
Can't wait for tomorrow and Sunday's sessions!!!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Llangness Sunday Kayaking

It was a busy day on the water, with a full group out this morning, setting off from Fort Island, Llangness on the South East Coast of the Isle of Man.
Sheltered from the predominantly Westerlie wind, it was actually quite warm, and the rock hopping possibilities were endless! We split into four smaller training pods, and headed down the peninsular.
It was great to have less wind around, and some sun to give an increased shine to the paddle!
Headed back to Fort Island for lunch, and prepare for the Intermediate session.

A slightly faster pace, with the objective of getting involved in the tidal race off the end of Llangness, running  a manageable wind against tide. Some nice rolls and plenty of smiles, with a few wobbly moments... brilliant!
Next weekend looks set to be a beauty!

Youth Scholarship TR. 34
The team completed a full day of navigation training on Tuesday, to blow the cobwebs away from the Christmas hols, and allow for missing a couple a sessions during their exams beginning this week.
As it starts to get light for longer again, the training sessions will become more challenging, building up to their on-island practice expedition at Easter.

Coach Development
Had a couple of training sessions in the rough stuff this week, may be a few pics on the way soon.
As always, its a fine juggling act to coach and capture the moments, whilst on the water.

A stunning deep crimson sunset this evening rounded off another terrific day on the Isle of Man!