Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Camera housing

Tried out my new camera housing today with varying degrees of success...

On dry land (check out Janets new drysuit); And then from the back seat of the Triton, always handy to have Joe paddling whilst i'm messing with the camera, however...

His shoulders can get in the way!

Aquapac gave me a deal on this and VHF and GPS cases for the Vancouver Record Attempt, so thought i'd try them out first...

Advanced Staff Training proved a hard paddle from Port St Mary to the calf and back, with the races not a big as hoped for. Off to Peel for the Intermediate session in the afternoon with delightfully clean surf in Peel Main Bay, what a treat!

The 4* Assessment two days ago was more bouncy and so many seal pups off South Harbour, would have been good to watch them but someone's kayak seemed to be escaping....

Finally a few pics from the Adventure Club meal last week. Sorry if only caught a few of you, our photographer for the evening may have been a little bit tipsy...
Butler managed to gatecrash all the pics as usual!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

All sorts of joy...

Been taking less pictures than normal as weather has been ideal for Advanced Staff Training, but not photography from the kayak...

Been some great sessions and plenty of adrenaline! Today was a cracker with the advanced session running from Fenella beach, a confused and rough sea state with onshore wind.

Coach 2 Assessment

Run in the sheltered area at the inland end of the harbour, well done guys, ready for the next step and Staff Training in Spain next month!

Sunny but a bit chilly, everyone enjoyed it and can't wait to get out again.

Peel bay proved to be adventurous enough today, hopefully hit the sound next week, weather permitting!
Navigation Day

Quite a clear day, protected from most of the wind by Slieau Whallian hill. Run at Adventurous Experiences base, navigation training was followed by the teams setting off up the grassy slopes, each with their own route to follow.

An excellent effort by all, and very impressed with the results. Rounded off with the delicious catering at the Green Mann Market!

Looking forward to working with you again, here's an amusing picure from the many taken that day.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Staff Training & Intermediate Session

Staff Training
Quite a rough one today, a great way to begin the Winter Advanced Staff Training program!
We left tidal races out of the equation to introduce the core skills of rough water handling, re-entry and rolls, rescues and towing, off Peel. Always good to iron out a few wrinkles, a reasonably hard paddle to Glen Maye, surf landing, and plenty of rescue skill practice on the return journey.

Landing was fun....

Adventure Club Intermediate Session
Decided to launch the intermediate session from the sheltered side, and with eleven on the water, plenty to do and see... Sorry for the lack of pics, but seemed more sensible to keep hold of the paddle most of the time! Warmed up paddling round the castle, before again heading South to the more interesting headlands. A fine introduction back into 'bouncy stuff' after concentrating on BCU Awards since September. Glad you all enjoyed it, see you next Week!