Sunday, November 28, 2010

a snowy, sunny day...

Both the 'Intermediates' and 'Improvers' training groups paddled South from Peel this morning, in hot sunshine and bouncy sea.
Interesting rock formations, old wrecks and snow flecked coastline gave some impressive views on-route.

We spread our drinks and flapjacks on a snow lined table of rock at breaktime, watching the Intermediate group paddle into the distance...

A cracking session, with a light snow shower on the final stretch back to Fenella Beach, the other group arriving just as we packed the gear away, and smiles a beaming, headed home for some sledging!
Next Sunday's Adventure Club day trip will be very festive if this weather continues :)
Christmas has come early!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Singing & Sledging!

A few bits of feedback from recent students..
The first from our Kayak Safety Pool Course;

I very much enjoyed the three sessions that I managed to attend in October and now feel that I know a tiny little bit about kayaking and certainly how to fall over in one.

The course is well put together and the instructors including yourself, clearly very experienced, knowledgeable and, above all, very patient.
Thanks again for a very enjoyable course.
Kind regards

and also thought i'd share a humorous one from an Adventure Club member just turned ‘grandad’...

Will I get special treatment when kayaking now that I’m a grandad? I was thinking that I should have a reserved parking space whenever we meet. Obviously you won’t expect me to carry my kayak to and from the water, although I don’t mind supervising. In fact, when the tide is out (particularly at Port Erin) it’s a bit too far for a grandad to walk. You should provide a little buggy (like they have on the golf course). Also a mobility hoist to help me in and out of the kayak would be appreciated. Does Kelvin stock incontinence undergarments for senior kayakers? If not, tell him that this could be a real marketing opportunity – particularly with the all day paddle coming up.
I’m sure that you are already revising you Business Plan. How about ‘Adventurous Experiences for the Aged’.
See you Sunday. Don’t forget the reserved parking space.
Grandad Gerry”

and some pics from today, just testing the slopes, ahead of tomorrow...

Hoping to paddle in the snow showers with the Adventure Club tomorrow morning, then hit the slopes for some sledging fun in the afternoon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Port Erin Paddles

The morning session was split into the 2* training group, and the Discover Sea Kayaking students. We used Port Erin Bay to maximum effect, and had a very enjoyable morning!

The afternoon paddle was the Intermediate group, working on leadership and tidal planning. Paddling round the calf was just the ticket, and the pace kept everyone warm :)

Congratulations to Ian Moon for achieving Member of the Month for October! This was the first unanimous vote i've seen for any member receiving the award.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Coasteering for your Bday...

... in November!

Laura celebrated her big day with an adrenaline fuelled coasteering session around Peel Castle with her family.
Mark, Kay and Edward joined us for the session, using up their Adventurous Experiences Gift Vouchers they had received as presents.
Great fun as always, and hope to see you for your next adventure in the near future :)

Meanwhile, back at Ballabrooie, things are far from quieting down for the winter..
Green Mann Spring won the Conister Bank Small Medium Enterprise Award at the Isle of Man Newspapers awards for excellence 2010 in associatiion with RBS.

As we move into winter colours and the last of the leaves fall, there's always plenty to do outdoors, and never enough time to do it all!  

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cumbria Rivers Trip with 'Wild River'

4 fabulous days river paddling and moving water skills, white water safety and rescue, plus some interesting experiences! I've selected a few scenic pics from the trip :)
Plenty of rain and storm force winds were also present on occasion....
Many thanks to Sean McGrath at Wild River for his effective coaching and fine hospitality.
We'll be over with Sean again in March for our next Adventure Club UK rivers trip.

Our little baby Paddler is growing well...
...full of smiles and boundless energy, a little thing of beauty!

Monday, November 15, 2010

November Sea Kayaking - 'a breath of fresh air'

A reasonable swell, with a distinct absence of wind, ideal conditions for a paddle!
Light fluffy clouds, great visibility and a vibrant coastline :)
Sunday's morning sea kayak session ran from Port St Mary, with mostly Adventure Club members, getting on the water just after the rain shower and enjoying a delightfully dry experience.

The afternoon session used a local reef for some terrific, clean, powerful green waves...

A spectacular day of sea kayaking on the Isle of Man, with Adventurous Experiences and the Adventure Club. This coming week is looking like a popular one too. Pics to follow on last week's excursion to the Lakes - the Adventure Club Rivers Trip...
See you on the water soon.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

new experiences on the Isle of Man...

Paddling at the Sound - Discover Sea Kayaking course

Corporate Event - Sea Kayaking Trip

Coasteering (intermediate route) - for those who have experienced other routes with us.