Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IoM Adventure Race - team safety training...

Baker Tilly 'Marine Corp' kayak team were on the water this morning.
The first of the amateur teams who have entered this years Isle of Man Adventure Race (18th-19th June), to take-up their free training session ahead of the race itself.

The training is offered to all 4 members of the team. Only two team members will actually take part in the kayaking leg of the Race on the day. Tini & Oscar looked on form and ready for the challenge ahead!
Theia is growing taller - almost ready for her first kayaking experience...
The last indoor kayak safety pool course until September is underway, with the last session next week.
Its been a really enjoyable course, everyone achieving pleasing results.
Pics from the Adventure Club - Easter Ireland trip coming soon :) 

Friday, April 22, 2011

the diversity of sea kayaking

Paddles to the Calf of Man from Port Erin Beach
 Sea King Helicoptor overhead, performing rescue training just offshore
 Giant Barrel Jellyfish
Alice joined me in the Mighty Triton for the morning trip.
A terrific Day!

"...sea kayaking on a day off whilst working on a film on the Isle Of Man and had a fantastic day out. The trip was on very sunny and calm spring day, where we set off from Port Erin taking in beautiful cliffs, caves and shoreline before crossing the straights to the Calf of Man. Kayaking provides a unique opportunity to see wildlife up close where we took in sea birds and masses of seals - I hope to return during summer months to see dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks. The guides were extremely friendly and helpful on all aspects of kayaking and very knowledgeable about the local environment and nature.
All the best,

Monday, April 11, 2011

as the cherries begin to blossom

Corporate Training - Team Building day 2
 A Sea Kayak Trip off Peel - listening to the black guillemots whistle, watching the array of birdlife, spotting the first Puffins (whose arrival is typically just before the Basking Sharks are first sighted) as seals drift lazilly around the group..
After the homemade catered lunch in the sunshine, the afternoon's navigation exercise ran smoothly, rounding up another great day of learning and listening.
I really enjoyed working with you on this program, copies of all the pics on the way : )

Youth Scholarship - Development & Leadership Program  North TR 9.
Thursday's session also ran from Peel, practicing rescues and group safety scenarios.
We're seeing some pleasing results, and i'm sure the Easter 2 day block will take this further.
See you all then.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Corporate Training - team building day 1.

Highlighting and working through ways of working more efficiently as a team.
Some impressive results by the end of day, with time for reflection before day 2...
Looking forward to another day of learning : )

entering April at full steam : )

Todays Sea Kayak Training session from Peel combined regular training groups...
 ...with various exercises along the way. Some swell added another dimension to coastal manoeuvres.

Yesterday's Coasteering sessions were fantastic fun, and we use two different routes to suit the groups and the conditions on the day.
A spectacular day with plenty of action and adrenaline for those seeking it!

The whole week was extremely busy;
Monday was a day of preparation and planning...
Tuesday was Day 1. of the second IoM Coasteering training seminar for exisiting Coasteering Guides, followed by Youth Scholarship - South TR 8. (navigation) followed by Indoor Pool Safety Course - March 3/4.
Wednesday was a Corporate Training - Team Building Day 1. - pics coming soon.
Thursday was Day 2. of the IoM Coasteering training seminar ran from Port Lewaigue, then back to Peel for Youth Scholarship - North TR 8. navigation session, followed by Staff Training.
Friday was an admin and reflection morning, then preparation for the weekend : )
Bring on next week!!
See you then.

Note. 4 places available at present on April Pool Course beginning Tues 12th  
(The next pool course with places after this begins 13th September! ) 
Next Sunday (10th April) is the first of our Sunday Evening Paddles. All info on the website Calendar