Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IoM Adventure Race - team safety training...

Baker Tilly 'Marine Corp' kayak team were on the water this morning.
The first of the amateur teams who have entered this years Isle of Man Adventure Race (18th-19th June), to take-up their free training session ahead of the race itself.

The training is offered to all 4 members of the team. Only two team members will actually take part in the kayaking leg of the Race on the day. Tini & Oscar looked on form and ready for the challenge ahead!
Theia is growing taller - almost ready for her first kayaking experience...
The last indoor kayak safety pool course until September is underway, with the last session next week.
Its been a really enjoyable course, everyone achieving pleasing results.
Pics from the Adventure Club - Easter Ireland trip coming soon :) 

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