Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Norway Expedition - part 2

Having completed the Mountain section of the expedition, we are back at base camp washing and re-stocking before spending our last days in Norway Rock Climbing...

A few pictures from our experiences, as on any adventure, some fantastic fun, some very challenging, and all terrific, memorable and safe learning experiences! a few more to come :)

Michael spent his 18th Birthday with the team climbing to 2500m, balloon, badge and all...

Everyone had an amazing time and plenty of stories to tell!

A diary entry from a challenging day in the mountains;

"It's twenty eight minutes past four - Norweigen time. The gentle spatter of rain on the single skin tent is accompanied by the rise and fall of the Northerlie wind, combined with the low background roar of the glacial meltwater river adjacent to our camp - providing a constantly changing melody of the elements and imputting additional data into my already active cognitive process...."

"I'm picturing the forthcoming Aleutians expedition with Sam, images inspired by the vivid cinnamon and fruity taste of the army ration compressed buscuit i'm munching, and my physical surroundings.."

"The rain has developed to a steady assault, and between my boots in the porch I can see a rivelet of rainwater forming a pool beside the main zip..."

"A brief interlude in the rain provides optimism for the day's ascent and at nearly twenty five to six its time to wake the team, slumbering in their Eureka tents nearby..."


The team report on the Sea Kayaking journey has been posted on the website Youth Scholarship page

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Norway 2009 Youth Scholarship Expedition

A few pics from the Sea Kayaking journey just completed....

Many thanks to the guys at Njord - kayak and wilderness adventures for the hire of the kayaks and kit, plus a special thanks to Eivend for the use of his SKUK Greenlander Pro and the SKUK Explorer for John.

An absolutely superb service which went beyond our expectations, which led to an immensely smooth run on the kayaking. We highly recommend Roger at Njord and hope to host you and Ervin on the Isle of man in the near future. Looking forward to working with you again on our next expedition in Norway.

Thankyou for a smooth flight with Flybe to Captain Nick Davies and for the terrific pic!!
The self-sufficient demanding journey involved wild camping, washing in waterfalls, daily encounters with Porpoise, observing Sea Eagles, Otters, breathtaking views, 248km in total including up to 40km per day!
The team report for the kayaking section plus some of teams pics will go online beginning August on the Norway 2009 page.

"Sitting in my kayak at 5:30am on the glassy fjord just off our camp... Porpoise surface around me letting out sighs of air as they breathe, a mother and her calf rsing in unison, another larger adult passing them heading the other way, more surfacing further afield...

Low cloud hanging in lazily in clumps below the mountain tops, the absolute stillness and calm...

As the morning awakes fully a gently breeze forms sending shivers across the surface out towards the breadth of the main Sognefjord. It's time we were leaving"


We're now heading for the mountains... more pics later :)

Great to see our friends at Vik Camping who also allow us to use their fantastic facilities as our basecamp between sections of the trip. Always very acommodating and friendly. Thankyou again.

The Adventure Club will be organising a paddling 'holiday' to Norway, visting some of the locations on this expedition, but enjoying far more luxury and more frequent indoor accomodation, with plenty of opportunity to sample the local beverage selection - planned for
summer 2011.

A shorter trip along a simular theme to Ireland wil be offered to Adventure Club members scheduled July 2010 (next summer)!

Details to go out in the Adventure Club newslettter shortly.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Young Adventurers and the young at heart

Sessions are running as usual back at Adventurous Experiences - with a lot of 'Young Adventurers' taking to the water!

The website calendar shows the scheduled sessions over the short term, and we offer open booking space for groups and those who wish us to provide an adventure tailored to them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Exciting Experiences

A few pics from Corporate Events and other Adventurous Experiences...

'Taster' Sea Kayak sessions - £5 for a half hour trip, all money to RNLI!
Congratulations on a very successful Queenie Festival Tuesday evening and Port Erin Lifeboat day just gone. So much interest and some fantastic experiences!
Next event where our special 'Taster' sessions will be available is Port St Mary Lifeboat Day - 26th July - for info on this and other scheduled adventurous experiences - check out the website Calendar!

or ring the office on 01624 843034

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sunset action with Sam!

Some amazing experiences and pics to take home from 'Evening Paddles' with Sam whilst I was away at the Island Games last week...

Plenty more pics of adventures to date, coming shortly :)