Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Norway Expedition - part 2

Having completed the Mountain section of the expedition, we are back at base camp washing and re-stocking before spending our last days in Norway Rock Climbing...

A few pictures from our experiences, as on any adventure, some fantastic fun, some very challenging, and all terrific, memorable and safe learning experiences! a few more to come :)

Michael spent his 18th Birthday with the team climbing to 2500m, balloon, badge and all...

Everyone had an amazing time and plenty of stories to tell!

A diary entry from a challenging day in the mountains;

"It's twenty eight minutes past four - Norweigen time. The gentle spatter of rain on the single skin tent is accompanied by the rise and fall of the Northerlie wind, combined with the low background roar of the glacial meltwater river adjacent to our camp - providing a constantly changing melody of the elements and imputting additional data into my already active cognitive process...."

"I'm picturing the forthcoming Aleutians expedition with Sam, images inspired by the vivid cinnamon and fruity taste of the army ration compressed buscuit i'm munching, and my physical surroundings.."

"The rain has developed to a steady assault, and between my boots in the porch I can see a rivelet of rainwater forming a pool beside the main zip..."

"A brief interlude in the rain provides optimism for the day's ascent and at nearly twenty five to six its time to wake the team, slumbering in their Eureka tents nearby..."


The team report on the Sea Kayaking journey has been posted on the website Youth Scholarship page

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