Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Isle of Man Orienteering Championship

The inaugral Isle of Man Orienteering Championship took place on Saturday 16th September 2018, using Peel and Corrins Hill, overlooking the west coast and Peel Castle.

Organised by IoM Orienteering and Sponsored by Mylchreests Group 

 Starting grids at Knockaloe Beg Farm

 competitors chose between using the paths or short-cutting across open hillside

close competition in the Mens Championship course

 using an open hillside made for natural challenge and plenty of ground colour

 leading pair on the Novice course orientate their maps

there was great team work by all participants  

 3rd Peel Scouts fielded a few teams on the Novice course - one of the pairs at a course control

 Novice Course - Podium 
Left to right: Nadene Jeffery (2nd) George Martin & Rona Tastagh (1st) Ryan Higgins (3rd)

  Ladies Championship Course - Podium 
Left to right: Finn Martin (2nd) Katia Tastagh (1st) Suzanne Webster (3rd)

 Mens Championship Course - Podium 
Left to right: Chris Littler (2nd) Tony Udris (1st) John Kewley (3rd)

 Youngest Competitor Award

Isle of Man Orienteering is supported by DEFA, Knockaloebeg Farm, Adventurous Experiences, Peel Town Commisioners, Green Mann Water, Ballabrooie Apples and the immense enthusiasm of the Isle of Man Orienteering Klubb (IoMOK).

Looking forward to another year of Orienteering in the Isle of Man
Keirron & the Team