Sunday, December 28, 2014

Chicken Rock

A stunning paddle out to Chicken Rock this morning, from the Sound...

...with some of the regular Adventure Club members, enjoying the bright sunshine and delightful conditions...

 The tide was running well, making gauging the right line to take, in order to hit Chicken Rock, essential, or miss it ; )

Port St Mary Lifeboat was out on exercise, and gave us a grand viewing from our platform, 1 mile off-shore...

...a rocky launch and then breaking back into the tide after a snack and drink...

The Mountains of Mourne - the Adventure Club usual Easter holiday location, looked like a well iced cake in the distance, guessing they have had a bit of snow : )

 Passing South Harbour, and not landing. The entire area was strewn with rock coloured Atlantic Grey seals,..

 So good to get a full day of sunshine, benign conditions and great company in one of the most beautiful paddling locations, i'm lucky enough to call my home.

Catch you on the water soon

ps. thanks to Anouk for this one

Friday, December 26, 2014

Festive Greetings!

 Merry Christmas everyone! 

 A few festive pics from 2010...

Paddling from Port St Mary with snow-covered fields and the Chasms in the distance...

Introduction to ice climbing at an early age...

the Christmas goose...

Huge Icicles at Glen Helen.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Conister Bank sponsor Youth Scholarship program

The Youth Scholarship - Development and Leadership Program, (delivered by Adventurous Experiences), is now sponsored by Conister Bank. Recently endorsed as a finalist in the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence (Corporate Social Responsibility) the program enables young students from the Isle of Man to rise to be part of a team embarking in a once of a lifetime, shared experience. 

“Our Youth Scholarship is the main community project we deliver, and until now we have funded the program entirely ourselves. We are absolutely delighted to partner with the team at Conister Bank, who share our values and vision for the Isle of Man.
Through journeying and progression we promote discovery and self-reliance. This youth program is an integrated piece of our continuous learning framework. It is a focus point of our long-term strategy to foster a joined-up approach to decision-making on the Isle of Man.
Coaching people - changing perspectives.
Keirron Tastagh - Owner & Lead Coach, Adventurous Experiences

The decision to continue a program with large demands on time and money in an extremely challenging financial period was driven by belief that the benefits (giving back to the community) outweighed the risks (less personal income).
“It reinforced our core values. It demonstrated ‘leading from the front. It is the outdoor experiences which gain the perspective to be able to see the benefits of the process.”
- Keirron Tastagh –

 “We first met Keirron in September when we had a great team building event with Adventurous Experiences.  When we discovered the lengths to which he goes to help others through the Youth Scholarship Program, we knew that this was something that we wanted to be involved with as our approach to sponsorship is to try and make a real difference to the lives of people on the Isle of Man.”
Juan Kelly – Managing Director, Conister Bank

Juan, Andy, Keirron. Photo by Mike Wade, IoM Newspapers

Places are offered to all year 12 students in the Isle of Man Secondary Schools. 
The deadline for students to apply for this 9th intake is this Friday (19th Dec), 
with the first taster training session on Sunday 11th January at 1pm. Students commit to 18 months of training followed by an overseas expedition.
Prospective students and parents also have the opportunity to see what the last intake got up to at the ‘Vancouver Island 2014 Expedition’ presentation on Tues 30th December 7pm, at Ballabrooie.

The training program consists of weekly 2 to 3 hour training sessions, interspersed with a few multi-day experiences, delivered by our professional coaching team and entirely funded by Adventurous Experiences and Conister Bank. Separate to this, the student’s only financial contribution is to the costs of their final overseas expedition.

Some thoughts from previous students on the program:
"You won't truly realise the benefits until after you have completed the expedition and having the motivation to do something you may not have the opportunity to do again.." Sarah Reeday – Castle Rushen High School
 “I’ve learnt how to be more of a team player.  I’ve learnt how to compromise more, adjusting myself for those who need help. Not trying to go for self-goals, go for team goals instead.” Fergus Veale – Castle Rushen High School
 “The trip has given me confidence in areas that I previously would have reared away from… despite how difficult things ever become… I know I've tackled worse.”  Leon Landels - Castle Rushen High School
“Stay positive about everything and you can do whatever you set your mind to.”  Mairi Shimmins – Queen Elizabeth II High School

By providing an environment where individuals can learn to manage risks responsibly, by showing a pathway to achieving your own goals, and by progressively handing over responsibility to you for your own learning, opportunity for development is maximised.  
“Skills are built more effectively with innovative coaching. We believe in the young people’s capacity to grow, and using our skills help them unlock their potential. We have provided regular relevant purposeful practice, tasks that stretch current beliefs and 'limitations', combined with specific feedback based on extensive coaching experience.”
John Keggin - Program Manager

 “The exact solutions to the challenges we face may not be known when the journey is started. It needs belief and a positive attitude, a desire to challenge yourself, to turn the problems into opportunities. What we are talking about is seeing options, a perspective on life.” Keirron Tastagh

The summer 2012 expedition had an initial intake of 30. It was led by Sam Murphy and Rebecca Goodson, who in turn had come through earlier programs. This was a full circle in the program, and very gratifying for everyone who was involved.

“With the added responsibility of ensuring the safety of the group, the resourcefulness, flexibility and problem solving skills which the Youth Scholarship Program teaches, became essential. The values which I had learnt through my own experiences as a participant were just as applicable in a leadership role, it is satisfying to see others discover and to develop the same skills in themselves as they progress through the training and into the expedition.”
Rebecca Goodson - student on 2008/09 program

“I learned how to be independent, make my own decisions, and take responsibility for my actions.”
“…it allowed me to see where I had come from as a student, to where I am now as a coach. The experience to me clarified the theory that anything is possible if you work at it enough. This is something I take with me now in my own business on the Isle of Man.
Between 2006 and now my attitude, physicality, mental fortitude, dedication and desire to succeed have all drastically improved. All of which began to develop, and will continue to do so because of the initial lessons learned during my Youth Scholarship process.” 
Sam Murphy, MSc, ASCC - student on 2006/07 program

Adventurous Experiences is an Adventure Sports Centre enjoying its 11th year, delivering professional outdoor training and experiences on the Isle of Man. The philosophy is unique both in its approach to training, the shared values between all stakeholders in engaging in outdoor activity which involves real challenge, and using that dynamic environment to change perspectives.
Community projects we deliver assist evidence based decision making, bringing long-term solutions to current social, environmental, health and community needs.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Seals at the Calf

A great paddle round the Calf last week, and the most seals we've probably ever seen in the area. 
Some shots from the current indoor pool course...
The adults and juniors showing great progression. 
The current course concludes next week, we've got a couple of spaces on the January pool course, running from 10th January. Please contact us for more info
Finally, if you are looking for Christmas ideas - Gift vouchers are available to buy online for all our activities. 
See you on the water soon.