Sunday, December 28, 2014

Chicken Rock

A stunning paddle out to Chicken Rock this morning, from the Sound...

...with some of the regular Adventure Club members, enjoying the bright sunshine and delightful conditions...

 The tide was running well, making gauging the right line to take, in order to hit Chicken Rock, essential, or miss it ; )

Port St Mary Lifeboat was out on exercise, and gave us a grand viewing from our platform, 1 mile off-shore...

...a rocky launch and then breaking back into the tide after a snack and drink...

The Mountains of Mourne - the Adventure Club usual Easter holiday location, looked like a well iced cake in the distance, guessing they have had a bit of snow : )

 Passing South Harbour, and not landing. The entire area was strewn with rock coloured Atlantic Grey seals,..

 So good to get a full day of sunshine, benign conditions and great company in one of the most beautiful paddling locations, i'm lucky enough to call my home.

Catch you on the water soon

ps. thanks to Anouk for this one

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