Wednesday, September 30, 2020

As the Sunsets on September...

Simply perfect sunset (yesterday) evening paddle into dusk... 😊

A newly born Atlantic Grey seal pup rests and snoozes on the rocky shore : ) little fluffy bundles have been appearing over the past couple of weeks, around the Isle of Man coastline. We allow for this in our decision-making on the water.

A few experiences have opened online:
Fri 09 Oct @ 1pm - Gorge Scrambling
Sat 10 Oct @ 10am - Coasteering (min 4)
Wed 14 Oct @ 10am - Sea Kayaking
Fri 16 Oct @ 10am - Coasteering (min 4)

Isle of Man Kayak Festival 2020

Magical memorable moments... learners experiment with techniques in the renowned Dragon's Breath overfall, off the awesome Calf of Man! Opportunity to feel and clearly see the benefits of practice during the festival workshops... 🇮🇲 😊 imagine 'breaking in' and surfing standing waves caused by fast flow over a shallow reef (a textbook overfall), utilising this water feature for free play, whilst being able to see exactly how it is forming beneath your hull... moments of clarity, developing a BOLD Perspective...
We then continued and made the exciting rocky landing on Chicken Rock a mile offshore.... before continuing our journey 🙌 amazing times!

Catch you on the water soon!
The Adventurous Team