Monday, April 20, 2009

a step up..

As summer evenings begin to book up and the camping gear gets dusted off, sunsets off the West coast just keep getting better!

Adventurous Experiences celebrated its 5th Birthday with an outdoor social, stylish BBQ with guest chef Shane and a fantastic array of food including scallops, strawberry and cream meringues...
Rounders in the fading light (thats my excuse), setting off chinese wishing lanterns, songs and dancing...

A fabulous chilled out evening, thanks to everyone :) A day beginning with a stunning sea kayak trip from Port Erin to Niarbyl, and finished when the band were finally allowed some rest as the next dawn began to break... Terrific!! Its great to be 30!

More pics are drifting in, will post a few after the evening tonite. K

Monday evening paddle was made even more memorable when we came across three perfect little ducklings surrounded by a multitude of hungry gulls...

In the total absence of the 'rest of the family', we scooped them into my kayak and continued.. Carefully lifting the slumbering fluffy balls into a fleece and then back to the farm, finally snuggled up in a box by the 'Esse' range :) With chickens and ducklings hatching now finding a foster mother should be possible...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend on the Isle of Man!

Port Erin bay was the meeting point for most of the Easter weekend, warm, sunny and very close to the ice cream shop to finish..

Jellyfish have begun to arrive, heralding the return of the Basking Sharks in the near future - water clarity remaining excellent was ideal for peering over the side and watching the young seals swimming arounf beneith the kayaks and the mischievous tugs on the front toggle. Alerted by its distinctive cry, we watched a Peregrine Falcon circling the high cliffs above whilst Laughten lambs frollicked on the grassy slopes nearby.

Family groups also used the offer of the 'Mighty Triton' double kayaks, to take younger adventurers in the front with an instructor.

A relaxed paddle round the Calf of Man for the novice plus group, and the beginners headed round to Fleshwick past the mines in Bradda Head. Coming together to finish on the beach at the end.

The Youth Scholarship team shone on their mini-expedition around the Island, they've shown a high standard of paddling ability in all conditions and exceptional teamwork throughout. WELL DONE!!

Good luck with the looming exams and final preparations and training for Norway this summer :)