Friday, October 31, 2014

Gorge Scrambling, Seal Pups, Sea Kayaking...

 Family Gorge Scrambling on Thursday

Seal Pups at the Sound and the Calf of Man, Senior Adventure Club Training

 Adventure Club Sea Kayak Training (pic by Tim Cass)

Mighty Triton Sea Kayak Experiences off Peel

 Adventures by Sea Kayak with Northy, Fergus & Alice

Pics by Andy North

 Family Sea Kayak Trip using the Mighty Triton double kayak

Loving this warm weather!! : )

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Adventure Club - Sea Kayaking

 Sunday afternoon's Sea Kayak Trip from Port Erin Beach to the Calf Sound

 As promised, stunning weather, seals and a delightful Sunday afternoon paddle...

 The Sunday morning Adventure Club training session began in much the same way...

 ...and developed in absolute carnage! 
Using the learning outcomes from the previous recent sessions (incident management within a group of peers), in realistic situations...
 ...luckily enough still time to take on refreshment for some, (it was particularly warm)!
 Identifying the root issues, dealing with the next situation in hand following preliminary challenges, keeping an eye on the overall outcome (and rapidly moving spring tide) and selecting the best option to reverse the situation. 
 Really pleasing to see folk have taken on the learning from previous sessions and refined the thinking process to create an effective solution, involving the whole team!
 Looking forward this weekend where the sea conditions will provide increased challenge and need for further time efficiency in decision making : )

ps. a few pics from Saturday's 2 Star Training