Saturday, October 29, 2011

Autumn Newsletter

An exciting and picturesque autumn welcome from Adventurous Experiences!
I thought a few images captured yesterday morning would be the perfect illustration and analogy for developing people - our primary passion and profession. The dedication and experience of our coaches, delivering the right combination of Safe, Fun, Learning at the right time in the coaching process.
Professionalism through Passion, Progression, Perception, Performance, People.
Gorge Scrambling with family groups on Friday, with reasonable water levels and such an array of colour.
Using one of our favourite, spectacular locations for this thrilling journey up the glen, using water features and the group's strengths to best advantage, creating learning opportunities in a safe environment.
 The autumn leaves of the Horse Chestnut provide another analogy; that of the many different perceptions and needs of the individuals we lead and coach in our dynamic 'office'. The sheer breadth of experiences and levels of comfort, ability, determination...
Specialising in sea kayaking, we deliver unforgettable trips and sessions in the marine environment (many of which are just for fun) and let the powerful force of nature change perceptions in a subtle, positive way.
Kista's Bday paddle off Peel, with George in the Mighty Triton double kayak.
Planning Ahead
Operating year-round - our coaching 'planner' is divided into the four seasons, each of which has its own special focus, as well as broader student goals. 
Mid-flow into Autumn, the Adventure Club is at peak strength, enthusiasm further increased following the September Sea Kayak Symposium and treats in store through the winter individual programs and events.
Cronk Ny Arree Laa was especially clear on Thursday, just perfect for an afternoon stroll.
Just like the Individual programs we're working on now, clear direction is very important. Long term development relies upon goal setting and feedback to create the motivation and continuous learning.

The following popular links have information and images;
Learn to Kayak - next discover course with places begins 10th January
Coasteering - see website Calendar for open sessions, or contact us to book your group
Corporate Events - new testimonials from recent CPD Team Building Days

See you on the water soon : )

Monday, October 24, 2011

River & Gorge

Journeying through Rivers and Gorges on the Isle of Man, in the autumn colours, protected from strong winds this weekend, and aided by the recent precipitation...
Sunday morning's river kayaking session with the Adventure Club

Family Gorge Scrambling session in the afternoon
exciting yet achievable, 'team building' is an inherent element, and ultimately aiding the feeling of achievement
 Rounding off a cracking weekend in and on the water, on the stunning Isle of Man.
With this week's mixed bag of conditions, there should be ample opportunity for increased Coach Development as well : )

Saturday, October 22, 2011

looping a sea kayak

We ran the lower section of the River Neb, on the West of the Isle of Man this morning, with a group of Adventure Club members.
 The manageable levels made for everyone getting plenty of learning from the experience, and feeling confident to try all sorts of antics at the weirs and drops along the way.
Finishing the journey at Peel, where the Adventurous Experiences Truck was waiting to take us back to base.

Sea Kayak fun!
Heading to Peel for with Alice and Aoibhinn this afternoon, the strong Southerlie wind had produced relatively flat conditions inshore, with some sizeable swell and clean building surf at Fenella Beach,... Quickly grabbing a Romany sea kayak and my kit I joyfully trotted down to the beach, leaving the girls with the camera.

A short time later I had just taken a fine hammering, and was swimming back to the shore.... : )
Its not often I get to send a text like this;
"Took a Romany out to do some looping, got my arse tanned by the first wave! Full aerial loop 2nd wave, worth the initial hammering"

The intermittent swell was building quite steep sizeable waves, and I encountered a memorable one just where I didn't want to, and it selected me! Luckily, there was a nice collection of folk (including Stuart & son) observing my bedraggled state emptying the boat and clambering hastily back in. As the conditions were ideal for antics, I headed back out, in a better state of readiness.

Timing the next monster to perfection, the kayak shot vertically down the wave face, the bow driving deep into the trough, then as the crest picked the stern up, the bow recovered then thrust forward and upwards and the kayak performed a full aerial loop! I felt the air accelerating past my face for what seemed a very long time... and then the stern touched down, and I was back on the wave heading for the sand...

Alice and Aoibhinn were that busy jiggling up and down and shrieking, that the camera had been forgotten, so neither my education by the 1st wave or exhilaration on the 2nd wave were recorded...A few more delightful forward loops followed on more comfortable waves (still holding some adrenaline pumping power) then after the deck imploded on another white experience, I nursed the swamped sea kayak back to the shore and called it a day : )

Back on the river tomorrow

Thursday, October 20, 2011

that Friday feeling...

 Capturing sunrise this morning
 Although its a Thursday, I definitely felt that Friday feeling early this morning, as the perfect sunrise unravelled in front of my eyes... making do with the tiny Canon powershot SX220 I had with me, it was still a pleasure to behold.

Sunday Sea Kayak Training
 With the coaching season in full swing, every week gives more development, smiles, challenges, frustrations, and long term learning. The Adventure Club is moving from strength to strength, and its going to be an exciting winter! Don't forget to check out the updated Club exclusive Holidays and Trips and book in for your personal program review.
See you on the water soon

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A week of wonder

Coasteering on the South Coast - beginning Saturday morning...
on our extended challenging route taking in some absolutely stunning coastal features. 
 Finishing in time for afternoon tea at the local tea-room, with home-made refreshments galore!

"It was an awesome awesome awesome weekend thank you so much...
Needless to say you, Sam and everyone else did an outstanding job, so please give a big thanks to the boys and also your folks for the food and taxi!"
Sunday's Sea Kayaking training off Laxey - working on paddle awareness and personal performance..
thanks for a super birthday paddle today, I felt very special having a little birthday party on Garwick Beach!  As always, a good fun, wet paddle with some great friends - what more could a girl ask for on her birthday :-) 
See you next weekend" 
Rach x
The afternoon comprised a surfing session, with additional pointers where required... A brilliant Day!

The week was truly eventful, an included our annual Approved Centre BCU Inspection, where we received outstanding feedback.
Jim emailed in to say he's posted a Blog or two from him and Kirstine's adventures on the Isle of Man, during the Isle of Man Sea Kayak Symposium Week.

Common Sense Common Safety 
"The UK government is looking for an increase in the number of young people participating in adventurous activities and the option of a ‘no cost’ route to demonstrating compliance with the new Code of Practice for provision of adventurous activities, consistent with the Common Sense Common Safety recommendation to reduce the cost burden to business."
The Minister for Education is considering the possibility of removing schools from the need to comply with H&S legislation or, if that proves impossible, removing the duty of care for H&S from employers and giving it to teachers instead." (quoted from IOL)

Theia has also had a week of wonderment : )