Saturday, March 31, 2012

Niarbyl test run : )

 Had another practice run 'Evening Paddle' tonight, now i'm certain its warm enough for the official first of the season on Thursday.
 a superb family experience, very relaxed : )
 a spectacular sunset rounded off the day...
 We are very lucky indeed to live in such a beautiful place.
See you on the water soon

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

George Shaw smashes kayak record

The 'Round the Isle of Man' sea kayak circumnavigation record was smashed by George Shaw yesterday, completing the 115km in 13 hours 33 minutes, using a standard Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Explorer. Touring class. George left Peel, Fenella Beach at 5:58am and returned at 19:31. 
Just off the phone to George now. He was really pleased with time, excellent training for the forthcoming Aleutian's 2012 Expedition. He said a key motivating factor were the spearmints in his BA!
George was assisted in carrying his kayak up the beach by his cousin Ian Moon, who also took a few pics : )
This category was previously held by Freya Hoffmeister, who recorded 14hrs and 7 minutes in 2006, also using a Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Explorer. Touring class 

John Willacy circumnavigated on 12th July 2010, measuring 62.2 Nautical Miles in 12 hours, 36 minutes, 32 seconds on a Rockpool Taran. Fast Touring Class
In keeping with the ethos of self-self-sufficiency within sea kayaking, both were unsupported trips.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Calf and Chickens

 Sunday's Adventure Club paddle set off from Port Erin Beach, with a warm haziness which s set to continue for the next few days...
 Splitting into an Improver and an Intermediate trip, both heading round the Calf, with the latter group taking in Chicken Rock along the way : )
 A place of quick well informed decisions, and group awareness given spring tides and a medium Easterly sea breeze lifting the sea once out of shelter of land.
 A few pics from John Keggin, leaving Port Erin Bay (above) and both groups returning across the Sound.
"Hi Keirron, just to say I thoroughly enjoyed today's paddle. Thanks to you and Sam. 
Havent been to Chickens since we met the Northern Light men (coach devt trip with Janet) last year. 
Thanks again and see you wednesday if not before."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Youth Scholarship TR 45.

Paddling North from Peel this evening...fantastic colours in the clouds, and sea.
The Youth Scholarship Team were on form,we're really pleased with their progression.
Then it was a rapid change around, and off to the Western Swimming Pool for the 3rd session of the Discover Sea Kayaking 'B' Course.
These pics are from last week's session.
And Jukka sent me a photo of kayak ice training in Helsinki, Finland this week...
Can't wait to see everyone over there again this summer.

Monday, March 19, 2012

preparation for the DW

Chris Allix is preparing for his second entry at the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race this Easter.
 Chris has been training with Adventurous Experiences since his first session on 30th June 2010.

Chris joined the Adventure Club, having already set his sights on paddling from the Isle of Man to Monaco.
The daunting 'DW' represents one of the toughest challenges in kayak racing.
After initial setbacks in 2011, Chris is using the DW as benchmark to his paddle fitness, prior to setting off on his epic paddle to Monaco this summer.
Having set realistic goals on his progressive learning program, Chris is on track to achieve his dream. Everyone in the Club is behind you on this one! If you see Chris on the water, please give him a cheer : )

ps. Chris's returned last week form one of his recent pre-DW training trips;

"When I originally planned this trip I expected to paddle from Ellesmere Port to Wolverhampton the length of the Shropshire Canal, but on detailed planning I noticed this was shorter than I had thought and therefore decided to continue through the Birmingham Navigation System and see how far I could get,  hoping reach the Oxford Canal. I guess I got carried away and reached Oxford itself."

"This trip has covered approximately 200 miles in 5 days although I skipped about 25 miles of portages. I believe this trip has helped both the Man to Monaco project  and next month’s Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race which hopefully I will be able to complete this year."

"Each canal has had its own characteristics, the Shropshire was very picturesque, the Wolverhampton was more industrialised but still had many scenic areas, the Grand Union was generally very industrialised and the Oxford started very agricultural but before it reached Oxford changed to very picturesque. I am really looking forward to revisiting these canals in June/July on the Man to Monaco trip."

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adventure Club - Sea Kayaking

 Sunny sheltered coastline, lines of light fluffy clouds on the horizon edging a brilliant blue sky.
 The Guillemots and Razorbills are busy spring cleaning their rock ledges.
 The vivid blue green waters of Sugarloaf Caves and archways...
What an amazing place to paddle. The stunning Isle of Man Coastline full of bustling wildlife and the fresh sea air. I do love living here : )
 Sunset over the Mountains of Mourne - the Adventure Club are heading over there at Easter...
 Experience it NOW...  Live life to the full...
 Share the memories later.
Hi Keirron 
I am sat here with a glass of wine in hand having spent the afternoon in the sunshine in our garden!  
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed today's paddle.  I never imagined a trip round the calf could be so varied.  Calm seas, big swelly seas, fast tides, wind, no wind.  It was great to also get some distance under my belt, until you do it you are never sure if you are fit enough or whether you are capable of keeping up with the "big boys".  Moreover, you get to see things that most people who live here never see, the south side of the Calf of Man, Chicken's rock and then nothing else's just sea..., you  get to debate philosophical issues like  which way is the drinking dragon drinking?  and you get to spend a time with some great friends in the glorious spring sunshine. 
I don't think I could have asked for a better Mothering Sunday, everyone else can go out for lunch but give me a sea kayaking trip any time :-)

See you soon 
Rach x

Gorge Scrambling at Ballaglass

 Saturday's Corporate Gorge Scrambling afternoon took place at Ballaglass Glen, in the North-East of the Isle of Man.
 An amazing time, with most of the folk having experienced Coasteering with us previously, a similar combined rock and water activity, but in a different environment.
 A sunny day in paradise... thanks for a brilliant time, and we'll look forward to seeing you on the water, on an Evening Paddle (sea kayak trip) soon : )
All the Best

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coasteering Safety Training

 An absolutely blinding few days of Coasteering safety training on the Isle of Man.
 The combined course was delivered by Andy Spink from Hebridean Pursuits.
It was ran for members of the Isle of Man Outdoor Providers Group, and included both the British Rock and Water Association Coasteering Skills Training Course and the Coasteering Safety Award endorsed by SLS GB.
 Using some of our best routes journeying and exploring the stunning coastline of the Isle of Man...
 Day 2 climaxed on the South Coast, in benign conditions, fantastic!!
Awesome to share lots of ideas and information with different outdoor providers.
Andy - it was a very positive and worthwhile experience. I was particularly impressed with how you used appropriate language and professionalism to make the course so successful for all of us.
Hope to catch you in Scotland in September.