Friday, October 30, 2009

for all adventurers - Sea Kayaking Isle of Man

Top Quote
From a 10yr old paddling in the front of me in the 'Mighty Triton' double kayak - part of a 'young adventurers' family group - to his 13 year old sister;
"you look like your part of the kayak..."
A perfect description of how a kayaker's should look and feel, amazing insight too. :)

"Hi Keirron

Just a quick thankyou for an unforgettable experience over the past two days! The adrenaline was great and despite the change in conditions, we both had a really fabulous time and are looking forward to coming out with you again soon! We both feel very safe going out with you and your instructors, whatever the weather!

See you again very soon"

A fine mix of pics from recent adventures...
some particularly good examples of the sea kayaking courses, young adventurers activities and combined rock and water explorations :)
A few pics from rock climbing tuition in there too!

Friday, October 16, 2009

a mid-week paddle... Sea Kayaking Isle of Man

"Just back in from this morning's paddle from Niarbyl with Nadene and Colin. Protected from the moderate NE wind, we put in close to high water, and after a few minutes spent getting used to the kayaks (our new Romany XL's from SKUK) we gently paddled South at a relaxed pace, exploring the rock gullies, inlets and low level caverns.

Passing a couple of adult Grey Seals gliding past, the sun warming us nicely, and very little effort involved in the actual paddling, we continued on to the White Beach, a favourite family spot with invigourating waterfall was Invigorating waterfall and plenty of rock scrambling nearby :)

You could see both paddlers relax into a steady rhythm of strokes, as one dramatic backdrop of scenery slipped into another...

Sun glinted off the water producing silver tinged hills and the glare gave a shower of blurred rays upon us.

Cormorants alighted the rocks as we passed, their mechanical wing-beat seeming almost prehistoric.

After passing a waterfall, we called off on a beach, with layers of smooth white stones and the occasional fish box. Time to stretch our legs and converse for a time...

Then it was time to return, now with the sun on our backs, and our view sharpened.
To our left the rolling hills gave a soft outline, dipping and climbing, and a Peregrine Falcon was being hassled by a pair of Crows to our right. Flying close in to the bracken, and losing its tormentors in the shadow of the hillside, the awesome bird returned to its perch.

Rounding the black rock jutting out from the bay, we paddled alongside a seal pup, sunbathing on the rock, little worried about the approaching kayaks.
It raised its head lazily to check us out, then continued with its self-pampering, allowing us to view its innocent beauty and intricate features.

It was hard to pull ourselves away and make the last part of our journey back to Niarbyl, so as a treat we continued past, heading North, exploring the rock gardens in that direction before returning to the beach.

It was indeed a splendid way to spend a week-day morning, and I look forward to many more such times" :)


** Check back shortly for video clips from the paddle **

Monday, October 12, 2009

'Adventure Club' - BCU 1* Awards!

Congratulations to the 8 members of the Adventure Club who passed their BCU 1* Award on Sunday. The assessments were held in a sheltered area of Port St Mary bay, as part of the ongoing 'Progressive Learning Program', an inherent part of the club.

The program works alongside the BCU awards structure, including additional important specific training and coaching necessary for Safe, Fun, Learning on the Isle of Man, within the sport of kayaking, as well as other adventurous disciplines.

Assessments are arranged when students are sufficiently experienced and skill level has surpassed that necessary to attain the award. A positive result at assessment is the result of dedicated students and experienced, student focused staff. BCU 1* Award Assessments will be running next Sunday for Club Members who were off the water this session, and the program continues working towards the BCU 2* Award and the next level after that...

The demonstration of 'Open Boating' or 'Canoeing' skills is now part of the BCU 2* Award, and the program will continue to include different types of craft to ensure students have a range of transferable skills.

Intermediate level paddlers who have attained the BCU 3* Sea Award (or if assessed - at that skill level) are working towards their BCU 4* Sea Leadership Award, will continue with moving water training at varying locations of the coastline.

All students will also regularly visit elements of the BCU 'Foundation Safety and Rescue' Award to ensure optimum safety at sea.

For our part - Adventurous Experiences coaches are highly trained, motivated and qualified to run the activities we offer. All staff hold national governing body coaching awards, have certified First Aid training, complete continuous staff development and personal skills and have the customer as their primary focus.

Lastly - a few places available on the BCU certificated 'Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning' course running in November - Sunday evenings beginning 6pm on the 08th.

Coasteering sessions - tailored to group's ability and desire
Had a relaxing session on Saturday with a couple visiting from the UK, and water temperature is still at 14 degree's - an absolute pleasure when kitted out in 6mm Sola steamer wetsuits.

PADI Diving - on the Isle of Man
Having trained with Mann Scuba Divers for my 'Open Water Diver' course last Autumn, i'm completing my 'Advanced Open Water Diver' with Dave and his staff this week, in preparation for a trip to the Red Sea in December :)

'Queen's' - Evening / Night Paddles
Autumn this year has brought a fair few spells of calm, still conditions to the Island, and we have been making best use of them! In addition to our fabulous West Coast evening and night paddles, we ran a sea kayak trip from Douglas Bay, opposite the 'Queens Hotel' last week (pics to come) for a group of ladies who wanted to do something different to the usual night in the pub...
With time for a Curry washed down with a social beverage afterwards! :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Autumn Newsletter - Adventurous Experiences Isle of Man!

Greetings from the very exciting Isle of Man! :)

Below is the Autumn newsletter with big events planned for 2010, exclusive holidays in the Adventure Club, links to recent footage of adventures with us... and much more!

Autumn Newsletter

A bright and cheery hello from Adventurous Experiences!
As we transfer to our Autumn program, and the shorter days are upon us and we’re informing you of some of the exciting experiences we’re providing, to get the most from your day!

Adventure Club - established 2004
Adventure Club members have been dedicating themselves to the ‘business’ of Safe, Fun Learning with a mixture of adventures;
Sunday sea kayak training sessions
Tuesday evening indoor pool kayak courses
Saturday adventures in Gorge Scrambling, Rock Climbing, Coasteering
Evening meals and socials

Fantastic to see an increasing amount of new faces – we are continuing to offer our members the high level of customer service, low instructor to student ratio, memorable experiences with like-minded people, and
exclusive holidays and trips for 2010;
Greek Islands – sea kayaking & taverning
Seychelles – sea kayaking & snorkelling from a sail boat
Anglesey – sea kayaking, rock climbing and mountain walking
Ireland - sea kayaking exploration, with over night Bothy & camping

Many of our students have such a busy summer, that learning to sea kayak and developing existing skills, is only practical between September and June – so we ensure we have the experience, staff, clothing and equipment to make this a positive experience.
Members are using it to also gain British Canoe Union awards, and ensure they are prepared for any challenge or trip we offer them :)

The Adventure Club has an annual fee of £75, allowing members to benefit from greatly reduced rates per activity session.


Congratulations to Steve Foulis who gained Member of the Month for September! After signing up to a beginner’s course on the sea with his wife, he joined the club recently to make use of the ‘progressive learning program’ and friendly socials. Steve has also just completed an indoor pool skills course and he has shown good progression and a high level of commitment.

Next Adventure Club exclusive;
Fri 20th November
Evening Meal & Social

Website Updates
We continue to update and modify the information online, so the website will host the most up to date information. The
‘Calendar’ of scheduled events displays a selection of adventures on offer for simplicity at the booking stage.

To create a date, service or session (not immediately visible)
contact us and we will organise it for you.

We provide experiences every day, all year, for individuals, couples, small family groups and friends, corporate events, and larger groups up to and exceeding 40 persons.

Youth Scholarship – Development and Leadership Program
The program forms a large part of our commitment to raising the level of outdoor skills and safety on the Island. The team of 7 students who completed the very challenging
Norway Expedition, and most are now studying for Degrees at University. We have decided to continue our support of this group for a further year, and will be offering the program to new students in Autumn 2010. More details on our Youth Scholarship program online.

Corporate Events and Training
It’s been a busy year (and continues to be) for
corporate events and leadership training.
The main website has details of what we offer – from an afternoon staff reward, to our effective
leadership development training.

With the launch of the
Green Mann Spring water – an environmentally conscious business with its source on the Ballabrooie estate, our Organic cuisine and experienced facilitators, we guarantee an unforgettable adventurous experience and effective solution for business of all sizes.

Gorge Scrambling and Coasteering adventures
Due to the increasing demand for our ‘combined rock and water activities’ we have scheduled more on the Calendar and have a group discount of 1 goes free with every six persons. Individuals and smaller groups are also welcome.

View Video of recent Gorge Scrambling experience

** Increasingly popular is our exploratory Coasteering sessions – with the emphasis on family fun, caves and low level coastline. We design and run the adventure to suit the group :) **

We provide 6mm Sola full steamer wetsuits, we run adventures throughout the year, on days and times to suit the customer and tie in with the weather. The Gorge Scrambling and Coasteering adventures we run are open to absolute beginners including those who have no previous outdoor adventure experience.

Sea Kayak Courses
Discover Sea Kayaking’ and ‘Introduction to Sea Kayaking’ courses running every Sunday morning – details on the calendar. If you have a group of 4 or more, we will run a course with dates and times to suit you.
Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning BCU certificated evening course in November.
Tidal Races & Incident Management – 5 day course in November and December.

'Behind the scenes’
Our staff training program has ensured a highly experienced and professional team – both on the water and onsite. As the weather allows for increasing challenge – we utilise the conditions to best effect! Most of you will know our
senior instructors from adventures on the water.

Junior staff
Becca Goodson continues in the role of office administration and assistant Coach, whilst studying Art Foundation on Island. Becca will also aid the development of the website, and greater efficiency all round.
Sam Murphy is enjoying his second year of studies at Bangor University. Combining studies with further outdoor training and coaching full time whilst home on the Isle of man.

Our superb sea kayak fleet has recently had addition of 2 NEW SKUK Romany XL’s – for larger paddlers. These are going down a storm with students who prefer a high level of stability on the water.

We are fully supporting the provision of a
marine nature reserve in the waters of the Isle of Man. This exciting project will be very beneficial to all environmentally considerate water users.

Special Events in 2010 – for your diary

Isle of Man Adventure Race – June 2010
Isle of Man Adventure Week – June 2010
Isle of Man Sea Kayak Symposium – Sept 2010

Kelvins Tackle – fishing & kayaking supplies
The move to relocate back at our home farm at Ballabrooie has been very successful, and both myself and Kelvin are happy to arrange a time to have a brew and a chat, and discuss your requirements. The shop is trading hours when you can pop in are online.

Outdoor Circuit Training
‘get fit for the outdoors' - with Keirron's outdoor circuit fitness training

We are exploring the idea of running a Saturday early morning Autumn course – please contact m if you wish to partake!

Evening / Night Paddles
Lastly, our
Evening / Night Paddles are on offer on calm evenings, watch the magnificent bio-luminescence and coastline at night. Advance booking is advised! As always, you can catch up on previous adventures via the Adventurous Experiences Blog, with photos, write-ups and comments. We welcome your feedback on our services, and look forward to seeing you soon.

Keirron & the Team