Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Weekend!

 Steve and Keri were married in Peel Castle on Saturday afternoon, so Steve and whole scutch of the guests went Coasteering beneath the Castle on Saturday morning... after a social BBQ at the farm on the Friday evening....
 As most of the folk were outdoor professionals, it was an entertaining adventurous, with all sorts of fine antics!
 We had the wedding photographer on the rocks, so i'm imagining his shots will be pretty awesome, in comparison to the ones off the waterproof compact : )

A few pics from the Wedding
Which followed by a sumptuous repast back at Ballabrooie, and the Ceilidh and DJ playing till the early hours in the marquees!!

Sunday morning's Corporate Paddle from Port St Mary. 
 Sheltered from the conditions on the West Coast, ideal for absolute beginners experiencing paddling for the first time, as well as those who have done a bit, learning new things.

Coasteering with Andy
A journey on the South Coast with Andy North..
 Looked spectacular guys!

ps. As i'll be away coaching in Finland for a few days, John, Andy and Gez are looking after things till the Sam, Becca and Kim return from Vancouver Island at the weekend.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Adventures at Niarbyl

 A family sea kayak trip from Niarbyl, on the West Coast of the Isle of Man.
 and an afternoon paddle with the fog rolling over the hills....
 watching the snoozing grey seal at the back of the cave, waves lapping at the rocks nearby
and some awesome cloud formations : )
See you on the water soon.

ps. watching a large Basking Shark further off Peel Castle last night, after finishing our Coasteering session... sightings daily now.
here's a pic I just found from the other family Coasteering session on Wednesday.

Adventures at Peel

Coasteering around Peel Castle early evening yesterday. A really fun journey, and I know the crew are now keen to experience Gorge Scrambling, and one of our more challenging Coasteering routes...

A few pics from the Sunset off Peel last night : ) 
Absolutely stunning!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Youth Scholarship - Vancouver Island 2012

Been in touch with the Youth Scholarship team undertaking their 3 week expedition in Vancouver Island, where they have been trying to out-manoeuvre the NW Gales during their paddling section, around Cape Scott, the North West tip of the Island.
 A whale Nose, I think its a Grey
 A starfish on the first morning of kayaking
 Eagle very close to the waters edge
 Second start at 2am to get around the thermal winds picking up by 10 am
 Wild camp 1
 Wild camp 2
 On the water at 3 am
 Connor and Matt navigating
 sunrise over Nigel island
 Humpback whale feeding
 Whales surfacing just behind Sam's kayak
 Black Bear in a tree
 Cooking food on the fire
 wild strawberries in the grassland between Experiment Beach and Guise Bay under Cape scott
 Last day on the water, raining
 The Youth Scholarship team having lunch
Interesting wildlife!
 Coming in to Shuttleworth Bite
First Morning with fish 
Sounds like Sam, Becca, Kim and the rest of the Team are having a brilliant time!
Having completed the Sea Kayaking section, they will now move onto Mountain Walking. The whole expedition is self-sufficient, predominantly wild camping.