Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Weekend!

 Steve and Keri were married in Peel Castle on Saturday afternoon, so Steve and whole scutch of the guests went Coasteering beneath the Castle on Saturday morning... after a social BBQ at the farm on the Friday evening....
 As most of the folk were outdoor professionals, it was an entertaining adventurous, with all sorts of fine antics!
 We had the wedding photographer on the rocks, so i'm imagining his shots will be pretty awesome, in comparison to the ones off the waterproof compact : )

A few pics from the Wedding
Which followed by a sumptuous repast back at Ballabrooie, and the Ceilidh and DJ playing till the early hours in the marquees!!

Sunday morning's Corporate Paddle from Port St Mary. 
 Sheltered from the conditions on the West Coast, ideal for absolute beginners experiencing paddling for the first time, as well as those who have done a bit, learning new things.

Coasteering with Andy
A journey on the South Coast with Andy North..
 Looked spectacular guys!

ps. As i'll be away coaching in Finland for a few days, John, Andy and Gez are looking after things till the Sam, Becca and Kim return from Vancouver Island at the weekend.

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