Monday, July 16, 2012

Tynwald Day - Coasteering

 Family entertainment at its best! : )
We split into two Coasteering groups, journeying along the intertidal zone, beneath the historic Peel Castle...
 'warming up' with a few steps, and confidence building challenges, the incremental steps developed nicely into challenging entries into zawns, and swimming into the caves.
 With the two groups working in the same location, it made the experience even more fun!
 Quite a few folk had been out with us previously, on less challenging sessions, and really enjoyed the change of focus from caves exploring and swimming, to low level traversing and steps into the water from varying heights...
 Every possible shape and size, and individualised style!
 George was water based the entire route, capturing the action from that perspective and giving support where needed.
 Having experienced the large cavern right underneath the Castle, the barnacle causeway gave a few giggles, with the ideal swell running for that and the finale slide!
 A really cool session, not had chance to check the water cam pics yet...
We've been on the water a lot : )

ps. Sam's circuit training session followed, and we managed to finish in time to enjoy the last hour of the Ceilidh and see the pipers on the Hill.
Tynwald Day is our National Day on the Isle of Mann.

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