Sunday, July 22, 2012

Coasteering Dynamics

 Coasteering with a small group on Friday afternoon beneath Peel Castle, on the West Coast of the Isle of Man. All from the West Coast of Ireland, two of the girls were no-swimmers...
We had a hoot!!
 Friday Evening's Coasteering session was for mostly lads who have been out with us on a fair few occasions, and completed various routes. The sea has many natural challenges, and we utilised just a few, on this spectacular evening, blue skies and a little sea chop : )
 We witnessed a few different facial expressions, and the lads were delighted!!
 Peel is very popular for a few social beverages, following an adrenaline pumping Coasteering session, or a family orientated adventurous journey with our qualified, experienced coaches...
 Some of the colours which come out in the Evening light are pretty amazing too.
 I've no doubt we'll be seeing you again this summer, maybe for an extended session on one of our committing South routes...
 All the best

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