Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coasteering for Coppers...

Coasteering sessions are known to be fun, challenging, adventurous and even 'adrenaline pumping', depending upon the group's ability and wishes, as seen on our previous Blog entries and website photo galleries.

However, when a group ask for a full-on session, we do our best to accomodate them...

Please note - (as with all activities we offer), providing the option of participating in such a session is completely at our discretion, depending on our perceptions of individuals within that group.
Though we will help you stretch your limits, we will not take a group outside of their limits.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Evening Paddles, Navigation and Intermediates...

Some pics from this week.

You wouldn't believe the last three pics are all from the same session - the Intermediate Adventure Club session on Sunday...

Thanks to Andy Wheeler for these shots.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pool sessions begin again!

After the summer break through August, (where demand for 'on the Sea' sessions took over), Tuesday evening Kayak Pool courses have resumed at Peel Pool. Starting with discovering how to get the kayak to travel in a straight line, complete beginners learnt different 'dry strokes and finshed with a swim from the kayak. At the other end, novices were learning support strokes and progressing to the Eskimo Roll!
Fantastic group, looking forward to next week!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Canon on its last legs...

A flash and small plume of smoke emmitting from my camera probably spells the end of its useful life, but managed some pics first on the beginners trip this morning... The Canon 400D has been excellent and very resilient to general use... with luck it may hold out for a few more days.

The Adventure Club intermediates spent the session practicing extreme edging :) before paddling to the Sugarloaf, and spotting Doug and Beef on a very impressive rock climbing route! (photo John Scott)

Then the wind changed direction on the evening paddle, gusting at times, and the group hugged the coast and still got to the Fairy Cave. We saw another pair of climbers were ascending the Sugarloaf, it looked terrific!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday from Peel

A few pics from Friday...

STAFF TRAINING - Night Navigation

Our advanced skills Staff Training program kicked off last week, and last night's session off Ny Arbyll provided ideal conditions to learn and establish paddle stroke rates and timing, before progressing these important basic skills in low light and darkness. With 5* Assessments as the target for 2008, we'll be thoroughly practicing every element of the sylabus.

We will be taking bookings for a few special paddles for customers (as the days shorten and the light softens), setting out as the evening progresses, stopping for a break and watching the sunset from the kayaks, and then paddling back as the light disappears, sillouettes and stillness and the bio-luminescence streaming out from the bow and paddle strokes, creating a shimmering wake behind...
Last night's paddle reminded me very much of the night paddling Jeff and I did round Vancouver Island in May.
The date has now been set for the presentation.
Sunday 28th October 2007
Claremont Hotel function room
Vancouver Island Circumnavigation Record by Sea Kayak – presentation
By Keirron Tastagh
(Expedition was completed in May 2007)
Includes stunning photographs and video footage taken on the trip.
Two kayakers; Keirron Tastagh IOM and Jeff Norville US, had never met before, paddled a double kayak 700 miles around Vancouver Island, broke all existing times, finishing in 19 and a half days! The duo paddled a pink kayak in an effort to raise both awareness and funds for Breast Cancer. The idea was inspired by mutual friend and fellow paddler, Ginni Callahan, who battled breast cancer last autumn.

See link below for details of the trip;

Door opens 7:30pm. Tickets £10 (pay on entrance) Proceeds to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
Evening will include preliminary refreshments, when raffle tickets will also be on sale with various prizes including a trip in a double sea kayak with Keirron.
Bar is available thereafter.

To aid with organisation and refreshments, please contact us with numbers attending.
Email -
Or phone 843034

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Peach Paddle from Laxey

A delightful opportunity for pics today at Laxey, with the small group of beginners on the water, a gentle exploration along the coast, absolutely crystal clarity through the water, and this made the experience with the colony of curious seals even more memorable.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Calling all Beginners...

As the weather continues to be very mild, beginners paddles are introducing many to the sport of Sea Kayaking. Friends and family groups keen to make use of the fantastic coastline we have here on the Isle of Man.

Rock Climbing has begun again as well, with a delightful evening session today.
Good to be back on the rock again... Beginners Rock Climbing course begins Sunday 16th (evening.).

Monday, September 03, 2007

Introducing Beginners to Sea Kayaking

With Kayak Pool Courses and 'Introduction to Sea Kayaking' courses beginning again this September, it's been great to introduce many of you to the Sea on Beginners Paddles, as well as providing progression for existing paddlers.

Corporate Days have definitely given many the 'bug' and desire to learn a new sport, and Sea Kayaking is rating the most popular, and Coasteering a close second. Rock Climbing courses (unable to begin in August due to access restrictions) will also begin next weekend.

Check out the Calendar on the main website for scheduled trips and courses, or contact us to arrange a session to suit you.

The Adventure Club are very happy to welcome Lauren back from her 3 months travelling.

Lauren has returned with even more enthusiasm, if that's possible and is keen to progress onto the Coaching ladder.

Great news for those who wish to join the Adventure Club. Please get in touch as we are taking new members this September, and we're offering much more, including a pay monthly option!