Thursday, June 05, 2008

Basking Sharks off the Isle of Man

A few pics from this moring's Sea Kayak Trip out from Fenella Beach, Peel. Loads of Guillimots and Razorbills flying willy nilly overhead, a few puffins, and two fairly large Basking Sharks!

The first we saw was about 25 feet long, and it swam past the group, feeding at the surface, its snout out of the water.

The second was about 30 ft in length and swam around the group, under the kayaks and back round again a few times, clearly inquisitive. The last pic above shows the gentle giant approaching the kayaks from the side before slipping beneith the boats giving a magnificent and very close view of its open mouth and huge body.

A few more pics to come...
As promised.. cheers for a fantastic trip!

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flossy said...

Hiya Kerrion

This is gillian from the little exepdition on the 5th of June - just asking if or when you will put the other pictures up - enjoyed the session hope to see you on the coasteering one

Many thanks
Gillian and Ian Stevens