Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Team Adventures on the Isle of Man

"Lying on a grassy outcrop, above Niarbyl's tail of rocks, on the West coast of the Isle of Man, the bay in front of us was busy with Basking Sharks. We spent the evening chatting and watching Gez and Becky (our summer admin team) out in the kayaks, with the 'gentle giants' moving slowly around them. Then a large adult Basking Shark breached close by the happy paddlers, what a sight!! As the sun slowly sank, we witnessed a further 15 breaches, mostly on the tide line, a spectacular experience!"

Rock Climbing with us is increasing in popularity, and coaching sessions are showing some excellent results :) Our key service areas of Safe, Fun, Learning lend themselves well to this The opening of the Chasms again (after the nesting season) adds some more ideal venues for beginners and those with experience.

Coasteering continues to provide the perfect balance of excitement, exploration, challenge

Some perfect summer evening paddles, and some atmospheric ones as well, with varying sea states, and plenty of marine life :)

Heading out North from Fenella Beach, round the castle with John's family group..

Made even more memorable as the Basking shark changed direction and swam right beneith Hannah's kayak!

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