Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Snow & sea kayaking Isle of Man

This weekend provided an decidely wintry feel to our adventures :)

Some great colours and contrasts for photo's as well!

Laxey was calm and sheltered as predicted, snow showers, sunshine, vivid clouds and sun patterns and a great place to enhance sea kayak skills - journeying and playing through the rocks and inlets.

The odd sorte out to the tidal races during the week - spring tides giving excitement and opening pathways usually inaccessible...

Laxey also provided some amazement at the dedication of the Balla Africa charity swim team practicing for a wetsuited relay between IOM and England during TT week 2010!

Brett and Gareth looked on great form in the snow :)

It instigated a talk amongst the paddlers on our upcoming Isle of Man Adventure Race, 26th - 27th June 2010 :)

A few of us are looking forward to the sea kayaking, but hoping to poach a few of the swimmers for that element of the race weekend...

...as much like most of the ice skating on display at the temporary rink at the Villa Marina in Douglas - some have more skill than others...

Immense fun and absolutely no control or ability to seen! :)

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