Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wildlife in Abundance!

A delightful sea kayak trip out of Port Erin Beach, with a break to admire the seal display off Kitterland. Very often if we just sit there, inquisitive seals will come right up to the kayaks. Larger pups sometimes 'nussle' the smooth gellcoat, gently tug the carry toggles with their teeth and adult seals nudge the kayaks about with their noses. This playfulness suggests that (as with most marine life) the impact of unobtrusive kayaks is minimal and obviously the seals choose to enjoy the interaction. Being there to soak in these experiences accentuates the joy of being outdoors, especially on the sea in the colder months when increased visability sharpens perceptions and the low angle of the sun illuminates the caves and caverns like torchlight, with the familiar sight of Cormorants and Shags lining the rocks along the route, and cries of various gulls keeps reminding me how lucky we are, and how I love the Isle of Man!
As Peel Pool is having necessary maintenance work, we decided to offer the students on the Oct Pool Course a night paddle off Peel instead! Perfect conditions with a clear starry sky, bright moon and not a ripple on the sea. A very memorable evening for all. Since the smoking Canon incident, night photo's don't come out so well..

A favourite location of ours for Coasteering, St Patrick's Isle, also offers an array of wildlife if you look carefully.. Turnstones, prevailent around Peel "spend most of their time creeping and fluttering over rocks, picking out food from under stones" RSPB Website -
(These were just alongside the group.)
Apart from meeting the 'resident' seal who frequents the cave that reaches right under the castle, and pass beneith the location where Princess Fenella met her end, it is an undeniably stunning location to participate in activities.

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