Monday, September 21, 2009

Adventure Club - Progressive Coaching Program

Adventure Club
A fantastic turn out to the Adventure Club meal & social on Saturday, and with the fine conditions holding for the Sunday paddles, we were able to use the our favourite playground for exploring and increasing awareness and skills in the tidal races...

Skills sessions and trips continue every sunday throughout the year. In addition to the Progressive Learning Program, Adventure Club members are also offered BCU Awards when skills are suitable ready, exclusive paddling holidays and mini-expeditions, meals & socials, regular Unforgettable Adventurous Experiences as part of their adventurous lifestyle decision...

Seals in the Sound were amusing the paddlers (waiting in the eddies for their turn at breaking-into the water flow, or running the wave train) with upside-down cruising, nibbling the toggles and paddles and general adorable antics!

"Thanks for all the flapjacks, hot choc and snacks - and a terrific day on in the water!"

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Dasa said...

Hi Keirron,
Thanks once again for organising another fabulous day out :0)... the views of the caves and Chasms were magical. It was once again a day to be reminded of how fortunate we are to live on such an awesome island and how great it is to be able to get into a kayak and explore the coastline. Here's hoping for loads more sunny days! Dasa