Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skye - Coach Development

I was invited to Skye to observe Doug coaching sea kayaking, after getting his ideas on coaching & leadership for my project. Sam and George came up with me for some paddling.
We just happened to hit three days of absolute bliss on Skye which i'm told was extremely lucky : )
I'm not entirely sure Doug hadn't figured a way of making that happen as well...
It was fantastic to watch Doug at work, and share so many of his thoughts as he went along. The Isle of Skye is a stunning place, and to catch it in such a relaxed mood in November was nothing short of exceptional. As was the information I was trying frantically to note down!
Its now reflection time to process the ideas and organise them in a way which I can draw on them for future use. Can't wait to develop these into delivery back on the Isle of Man.
Doug found time to observe me working with Sam and George, whilst we explored another section of spectacular coastline, near the northern tip of Skye.
Plenty for everyone to reflect upon...
We took a day off the water for some rambling in the nearby crags and Cullin Hills. 
Breathtaking pics to follow, and food for further reflection as we took the ferry back to Mallaig!

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