Monday, October 07, 2013

EuroMeet 2013

Leaving the Isle of Man Sea Kayak Symposium in the hands of John, George and Sam, I flew out to Slovakia, via the University College of Birmingham on Tuesday.
It was great to spend a few hours with the students on the Adventure Tourism Management course, (I graduated with an honours Degree in 2002) and I hope some of it was useful : )
Then I continued out to Bratislava airport, met by the mayor's driver and transported rapidly to the  European conference held in Loptovsky Mikulas. The Nature and Sports Euromeet is a get together of many of European leaders in outdoor sports, sharing information and working together on sustainable delivery and development in the outdoors.
As part of the EuroMeet 2013, the host city of Liptovsky Mikulas put on a fantastic array of speakers, case studies, and site visits into 'nature'. (Above - Demanovska Cave of Liberty) Many thanks to Mayor Alexander Slafkovsky, and the entire organisational team at the EuroMeet for such an educational experience. It was quite daunting to be a speaker alongside the other vastly experienced and down to earth professionals.
Really inspiring and great to make new friends from many different countries, who are equally passionate about the outdoors. Facebook Page
Following on from the International Sea Kayak Symposium, it made me really think about the importance of communication, especially across different languages...
I got back from Slovakia on Saturday evening, in time to grab some sleep, and get back on the water for the Sunday training sessions off Peel : )
Adventure Club skills training session in the morning, with some dry land practice during the beach break, and the afternoon was the Discover Sea Kayaking course new students : )
Look forward to seeing you all next week for more fun!

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