Friday, October 25, 2013

the ginger seal

 Sunrise at Castletown yesterday was worth the wait : )
 A spectacular display of colours, absolute calm, with breakers on the reef giving a continuous low roar just offshore, the powerful swell sets a sure indication of the low pressure on its way...

 Had a couple of Adventure Club program updates in the lecture room, then me and John headed out for a paddle round the Calf of Man, before the weather broke again.
Skirting a lot of new born fluffy white bundles on the boulder beaches, we paddled South, passing a group of half grown youngsters on the rocks...

"John, what's that on the rocks beside those young seals"
"Ha! Its a ginger seal!!"

A bright, deep ginger coloured half grown seal was lying alongside the other light and speckled grey seals just above the waterline, a stark contrast, and a sight not seen before!
Beautiful conditions, with very little easy places left to land, not already occupied by pregnant mothers or new born bundles of joy!
Hoping for another sighting after completing the circumnavigation, we passed the same spot, got another sighting and John had a few of the young seals playing about the kayak, nibbling the toggles as they often do.
The ginger seal did not come and play...

Looking forward to this weekends activities, and perhaps a another sighting of this extraordinary coloured seal on future paddles : )

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