Sunday, June 23, 2013

progressive steps

Guides - 'Baden Powell Challenge'
 We said goodbye to the team at midday today, having been on camp since Friday evening... completing an Evening Paddle on Friday (heading north from Peel, finishing in the marina as the wind increased) and a Coasteering exploration on Saturday morning.

Saturday Group Adventures
We then ran a very exciting Coasteering session for a group on Saturday afternoon in the bouncy stuff : )
 Most have been out with us before on other adventures...
 A really great day in the water!! : )

Sunday Adventure Club training
 Having completed the finale Gorge Scramble at Glenmaye with the Guide's, we headed to Peel this afternoon with a few of the Intermediate Adventure Club members...
Conditions were quite interesting off the back of the breakwater, making for some nice exercises.
Then moving onto some surfing on the main beach!
Brilliant fun and real workout!!
See you soon

ps. John's been up Laxey this afternoon with a group doing a hill navigation training afternoon, a cracking day for it! Hope to see you all on the water before you head back.

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