Tuesday, June 18, 2013

an Evening Paddle...

...with a Basking Shark!!
Just in from tonight's Evening Paddle with an inquisitive Basking Shark, feeding up and down, round and through the group, observing it as it came to them...
 ...gently moved away again, turned round and came gliding back, again and again...
 ...sometimes close by, sometimes very close by!!
 A stunning evening off Peel, on the West coast of the Isle of Man, observing wildlife, unobtrusively : )
 See you on the water soon : )
 Ps. check out the website Calendar for open sessions, next evening paddle this week is Thursday 6:30pm from Port Erin beach.

Youth Scholarship - TR. 12
A few pics from this afternoon's training session, now the youth scholarship team have completed their exams, and are back on the water.
 Great to see you back training again, looking forward to next week!

and finally, a photo by Tony Smith of the early afternoon session, with the group from Ramsey Grammar School, who earned their reward for good conduct : )
 Well done folks!!

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