Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tidal Races - Evening Paddle

With a perfect wind against tide due for this evening, a Tidal Races trip to the Calf Sound was planned for the intermediates... The sea was decidely bouncy!

On the way we saw a couple of Basking Sharks. They were very inquisitive. The first we saw was only a small one, and after changing direction, came round and under the kayaks, before swimming away. The second was a big bigger....
And that came very close, and more difficult to predict in the rough water. It would appear close by, before swimming under the kayaks, and round and under again. Fantastic to see they are very much in evidence still, with plenty seen off Peel today, and more seen from the breakwater at Port Erin. The West Coast seems to be the favourite. With calm and sunny weather due from tomorrow into the weekend, we'll be out on beginners paddles on the West Coast every day.

The Intermediates group continued to the Calf Sound, where the Races were just right, a fair few swims and rescues were soon underway! No pics of this delightful activity i'm afraid as the photographer was otherwise occupied.
In the sheltered area upstream from the tidal flow, seals were basking in the sunshine and giving our American guest Stuart, plenty of opportunity for photos!
Then it was time to head back to Port Erin Beach, as the sun sunk to the horizon...
Great to be back on the Island again, hope the Basking Sharks stay around for another week till the Isle of Man Adventure Week begins!

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DaveO said...

Looks wonderful. I've got to get over and visit you guys! I have a friend that lives on Walney Island, maybe next years adventure week.