Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Vancouver Is. Expedition - update 3

Sunny greetings from Orcas Isle in the American San Juans!
We've had absolutely fantastic weather here, and the team have been busy with different projects in the local community. These have ranged from a beach clean, to garden maintainence and building compost heaps and sandboxes at a childrens nursery, (as well as getting time to play themselves...)!

Many, many thanks to Djuna and Matt from Body Boat Blade, who set up the residential, and hosted us magnificently during our stay on Orcas.

Here's a couple of words describing the expedition as a whole, from the crew;

Awesome, eye - opening, awe - inspiring, adventurous, challenging, fun, interesting.
An eye opening experience and a once in a lifetime adventure.

Amazing, awe - inspiring, exciting, fulfilling, phonomenal, tiring, demanding, memorable, once in a lifetime experience, maritime madness!

Exciting, challenging, tiring, character building, blistering, scenic, dissappointing in not reaching goals when fishing, kayaking and mountain walking, a learning process, but all together ... not too bad at all and is the way forward!

Exciting, tiring, adventurous, fun, hungry, challenging, new, endurance, physically and mentally demanding. A once in a lifetime experience!


Challenging but fun. Pushing yourself harder and harder. Bloody amazing!

The team will be the Saturday evening guest speakers at the Isle of Man Adventure Week, beginning 15th August, where they will be giving a presentation on their expediton. Starts promply at 7pm and followed by a Ceilidh, at old Patrick School, Patrick (near Peel on Saturday 18th August).

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