Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ny Arbyll paddle

An absolutely delightful day, with clear sky, hot sun and a calm sea...

Weather and wind exactly as predicted!

Whilst setting up at Ny Arbyll beach about 9:30, a Minke Whale surfaced in the bay. Just the one sighting as it seemed to be moving the direction of Peel.
The intermediate group followed the coast to Flashwick Bay, where a spot of lunch and the well used flasks produced some decent hot chocolate. Then explored the caves and inlets on the way back. Plenty of noise coming from the seal caves, and a few friendly heads bobbing about as we passed. And a clourful rainbow display behind the waterfall at Gob Yn Ushtey (below Eary Cushlin).

The beginners group also headed South from Ny Arbyll, fantastic views down to the Calf of Man, and excellent clarity of the water enticed us to peer into the depths as we paddled. The wind started to pick up, so we turned and headed back, and out round Point (quite choppy so added a bit of excitement) and towards Peel. A pair of Eider ducks took off from the shore, and occasional Shags dived for their dinner around us.

Then it was back to the trailer, and pack up.

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