Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Many things...

Too many sessions have run since the last update to fit them all on, so heres a few pics and experiences which were most memorable.

Most recently, the Adventure Club meal was a cracker, with some hot competition on the culinary front...

A large group from 1st Malew Scout Troop enjoyed a session of Rock Climbing at Fenella Beach.

Some displayed a fair amount of natural potential for the sport,

making light work of different routes.

The Vancouver Island Youth Expedition team, (having recovered from their circumnavigation of the Isle of Man) are on great form, now finding they can comfortable cover 15km in the weekly 3 hour training session on the sea, with time to check out the wildlife along the way...

As there will not be much time for any more updates before I leave for Vancouver Island, I'll catch you on my return.

Remember to check out;


to follow our progress as Jeff and I attempt to set a new record around Vancouver Island in a double Kayak, beginning May 10th 2007.

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